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Piling starts on Felixstowe quay extension

Work is now under way to extend the Port of Felixstowe’s berths 8 and 9 by 190 metres, to enable 2 ultra-large container ships to berth alongside at the same…

Cosco Portugal – 1st call, maiden call at Felixstowe, 15 Aug 2014

The 13,350 TEU Cosco Portugal makes her first and Maiden call at Felixstowe on Friday, 15th August, 2014.

Maersk Nienburg inbound Felixstowe, 14th August 2014

Reported to be calling to collect empty containers, Maersk Nienburg comes into Felixstowe light on 14th August. She is one of the few fully geared boxships to visit the port,…

MSC Florida, New Jersey – aerial video

Join USA video producer Meow Man with another of his excellent drone aerial videos, this time featuring MSC Florida.

YM Uniformity berthing at Felixstowe, 31st July 2014

Yang Ming Uniformity stern-first into her berth at Felixstowe’s Trinity Terminal – 31st July, 2014.

MSC Lucy inbound Felixstowe, 29th July 14

The 8,089 TEU MSC Lucy inbound at Felixstowe on the sunny morning of 29th July, 2014

Up the Clyde at dawn . .

Join pilot Gillan Locke on the bridge for a journey through the Firth of Clyde Channel and River Clyde aboard the bulker Thalassini, berthing at Shieldhall Riverside Quay at King…

Aerial view: La Princesa inbound, USA

US company Crowley operate a number of towed barges on routes to and from the continental USA – here’s the 580ft La Princesa, inbound to Philadelphia, filmed by Meow Man:

Agios Minas 1st call, 15th July 14

The now renamed CMA-CGM Ravel makes her first call at Felixstowe on the 15th July 2014.

Costa Concordia refloats at last: 15th July 2014

On July 14, 2014, the Costa Concordia shipwreck was refloated by two meters from the artificial seabed on which it rested and moved 30 meters to the east. With the…

Miraculous Ace, inbound New Jersey – aerial view

A new drone-filmed movie by Meow Man from the Kills, New Jersey, as car carrier Miraculous Ace arrives – now these really are ships shaped like boxes . .

Bumpy day for small craft, 3rd July 2014

With a good breeze blowing in Harwich Harbour (UK), its a bit bumpy for the Harwich Ferry and a harbour launch.

Ever Lucent, 1st call, maiden call; 2nd July 2014

The 8,200 TEU container ship Ever Lucent makes her first call and maiden call, at Felixstowe, around 11am on Wednesday, 2nd July 2014.

Cosco France sailing from Felixstowe, 1st July 2014

Cosco France sailing from Felixstowe, on 1st July, 2014. She looks heavily laden with boxes – but they are mostly empties. Note that despite the size of the vessel, she…

MSC Altamira arriving Felixstowe,1st July, 2014

The 8,900 TEU containership MSC Altamira arriving at the Port of Felixstowe, on the morning of 1st July, 2014:

Aboard Seadancer up the Clyde:

Join pilot Gillan Locke as he takes Suezmax crude tanker Seadancer through Firth of Clyde Channel and Loch Long, berthing at Finnart Ocean Terminal, on 24th June, 2014. Assisted by…

Rotterdam shipping 20th June 2014

Join expert shipping film-maker Fred Vloo watching just a small sample of Rotterdam’s shipping traffic on 20th June, 2014.

Maersk Pittsburgh sailing through the Kills

The Kills, a 16-mile channel winding between northern New Jersy and Staten Island, carries more traffic than the Panama Canal . . and here’s Maersk Pittsburgh steaming though the channel,…

Ten-minute ferry trip, 10th June 2014

On the Tilbury Ferry to Gravesend – it’s just 5 minutes each way, with a break at either end! But around high water, there’s lots of activity to see.

Inside London Gateway, pt 2 – on the quay

In the 2nd part of our visit to the UK’s newest port, London Gateway, we’re on the quay . . home of giant machines . . and try a little…