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CMA CGM Nerval arrives from Tanger Med

Container ship CMA CGM Nerval arrives at Felixstowe on the bright morning of 22 August 2019. The ship is deployed on the SSLMED Femex 1 – Aegean Shuttle, a 5-ship…

Up Close: Ultra Large Ever Govern sails for Hamburg; 19 August, 2019

After completing cargo operations at Berth 9 at Felixstowe, brand new ultra large container ship Ever Govern makes fast to her tugs, and clears the quayside on this breezy morning.

MSC Laurence arrives, breezy morning of Sunday, 18 August 2019

Bright sunshine and a strong breeze for the arrival of MSC Laurence on the morning of Sunday 18 August 2019. She was built in 2011 and has a capacity of…

Maiden Call: Ever Govern arrives at Felixstowe, 17 August 2019

Maiden call from Evergreen’s latest Ultra Large Container Ship, Ever Govern, arriving in a strong breeze on the afternoon of Saturday, 17 August 2019. This is one of the slowly…

Ultra Large Cosco Shipping Galaxy sails from Felixstowe, 17 August 2019

Now on her second rotation around Northern European ports, Cosco Shipping Galaxy clears berth 9 at Felixstowe, and heads out towards the North Sea and Zeebrugge, her next port.

Maersk Kobe arrives, beautiful morning of 15 August 2019

Looking good in the bright morning sun, 2000-built Maersk Kobe rounds Beach End, and heads in towards her berth at around 7am

2004-built MSC Nerissa sails with a strong breeze, 11 August 2019

With a force 6 West by South wind, container ship MSC Nerissa leaves her berth and sails for Antwerp on the morning of Sunday 11 August, 2019

Ultra large OOCL UNITED KINGDOM departs a breezy port of Felixstowe 11/8/19

On a very breezy Sunday afternoon and with 3 Svitzer tugs in attendance the ultra large 399.87m length OOCL United Kingdom breaks away from berth 9 and heads off for…

MSC Valeria sails, dismal morning of 9 August 2019

13,998 TEU container ship MSC Valeria sails for Rotterdam on the windy and rainy morning of 9 August, 2019:

Cosco Netherlands clears the quay and gathers way; 7 August 2019

Looking smart in her blue livery, 366 metre container ship Cosco Netherlands clears berth 9 at Felixstowe, and gathers way to leave the harbour – the next time her screw…

Dimitris Y arrives from Valencia; 5 August 2019

2000-built container ship Dimitris Y arrives at Felixstowe from Valencia, on the breezy and overcast morning of 5 August, 2019.

Cosco Shipping Star sails after completing her maiden call at Felixstowe; 3 August 2019

Cosco Shipping’s latest 400m ultra large container ship, the 21,237 TEU Cosco Shipping Star, completes her Northern European maiden call at Felixstowe, and departs towards Zeebrugge, on the beautiful morning…

Cosco Portugal leaves the berth and gathers way; 1 August 2019

366 metre container ship Cosco Portugal leaves berth 9 at Felixstowe, and gathers way, heading back towards the Far East to complete this rotation.

Maiden Call: Cosco shipping Star arrives direct from Singapore, 1 August 2019

Steaming along the Harwich approach channel, brand new Ultra Large Container Ship Cosco Shipping Star heads towards Beach End turn and Harwich Harbour, making for berth 9 at Felixstowe for…

Stacked-up Maersk Edirne arrives at Felixstowe, 30 July 2019

Container ship Maersk Edirne, previously Hanjin Asia, arrives direct from Colombo with a a peak season load, stacked up to bridge level on the forward section of the ship. Maersk…

Maersk Kingston arrives from Algeciras, 24 July

2003-built container ship Maersk Kingston arrives at the UK Port of Felixstowe, from her last port of Algeciras, Spain, on the beautiful morning of 24 July 2019.

Slow TV: China Shipping Rose swings and berths at Felixstowe, 23 July 2019

Putting a 366 metre container ship, with massive windage, through a 180 degree swing, and then laying her gently alongside the quay is not a quick operation – so here…

First Call: Cosco Shipping Rose at Felixstowe, 22 July 2019

Making her first call at Felixstowe, 366 metre long container ship Cosco Shipping Rose looks smart in her mid-blue livery – showing up well in the strong summer sun. This…

Ultra Large Container Ship Ever Genius arrives, 20 July 2019

On the sunny morning of 20 July, Ever Genius arrives at the Port of Felixstowe, looking good in the bright sunshine.

Slow TV: MSC Altair swings and comes alongside in real time; 16 June 2019

A unique feature, showing MSC Altair swinging, and being taken into berth 8 at Felixstowe in real time – 18 minutes and 45 seconds, with only a minute or so…

MSC Altair arrives direct from Colombo, 16 July 2019

On the beautiful morning of 16 July 2019, MSC Altair arrives at the Port of Felixstowe direct from Colombo, having passed through the Suez Canal.