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Tugs Special 1: Shotley, Deben and Kent, filmed January 2020

Specially for tug fans – Svitzer Shotley pushing Ever Globe as she slowly picks up speed with a strong beam wind; Svitzer Deben driving hard indirect to help Globe get…

Indirect escorting comes to Felixstowe:

Indirect towage will become the norm for the largest ships now calling at Felixstowe, say Harwich Harbour pilots.

Day in the Life: tugboat working Houston Ship Channel

A really great video from Nick Payne recording a day in the life of Z-driving on the Houston Ship Channel . .

Tugs: Centre Lead Forward Manoeuvre, from Svitzer Australia

Tug operations don’t often get the attention they deserve – tugs are often at some degree of risk when working with larger vessels, sometimes depending upon what equipment the tow…

Morgan Reinauer inbound, USA

From our favourite USA based film-maker, Meow Man, here’s tug Morgan Reinauer westbound in Long Island Sound with the barge RTC 101 Light

Aerial view: La Princesa inbound, USA

US company Crowley operate a number of towed barges on routes to and from the continental USA – here’s the 580ft La Princesa, inbound to Philadelphia, filmed by Meow Man: