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Tug Special 2: Svitzer Sky makes fast at dawn

In the second of our Tug Specials, Svitzer Sky makes fast to container ship Cap San Vincent, after waiting for her to round Beach End Turn, as day breaks on…

Tug Svitzer Sky cruises out, 21 Nov 2019

On the dull morning of Thursday, 21 November, tug Svitzer Sky heads out to the harbour mouth to meet her next ship, the 2004-buit MSC Fabienne.

Dawn arrival – Cap San Vincent sails in, 20 September 2019

As the sky lightens over the North Sea at dawn on 20 September 2019, Cap San Vincent rounds Beach End and enters Harwich Harbour, greeted by tug Svitzer Sky.

Dawn sequence, 20 September 2019 – Svitzer Sky awaits her next job.

At around 6am on Friday, 20 September 2019, Svitzer tug Sky is awaiting her next job – she’ll be bow tug on the soon-to-arrive Cap San Vincent, at the UK…

Dead Slow Astern: MSC Alicante goes astern to berth 7, Felixstowe; 3 August 2019

After swinging in the entrance of the River Stour from Harwich Harbour, MSC Alicante goes astern to Felixstowe’s berth 7, at the up-river end of Felixstowe’s Trinity Terminal. Larger ships…

Tanker ACQUAMARINA heads up the River Orwell for ABP Port of Ipswich 30/7/19

On a very blustery Tuesday morning the 136m length tanker heads up the River Rrwell with Felixstowe Tug Svitzer Sky astern and heads into the ABP Port of Ipswich. Filmed…

Delphis Finland arrives light, passing DFDS ro-ro Suecia Seaways; 14 June 2019

Ice-class container ship Delphis Finland arrives at the Port of Felixstowe, looking very light, on the breezy morning of 14 June 2019. She passes DFDS freight ro-ro Suecia at the…

Big Sisters Sailing Day, part 1: Ever Genius sails, 6 May 2019

With 2 of Evergreen Line’s Ultra Large Container Ships alongside at Felixstowe, Ever Genius’s departure on the morning of 6 May 2019 gives an opportunity for an up-close look at…

Tug Svitzer Sky hustles back to the pontoon, 7 November2018

Felixstowe-based tug Svitzer Sky heads back to the tug pontoon on the dismal and rainy morning of 7 November 2018.

Up Close: Svitzer Sky makes fast as Majestic Maersk prepares to sail, 12 April 2018

A close-up view of an everyday but still skillful tug operation, as tug Svitzer Sky makes fast to Triple-E Majestic Maersk on the evening of 12 April 2018:

Geared container ship Nordatlantic arriving Felixstowe, 31July 2016

2,506 TEU geared container ship Nordatlantic arriving at Felixstowe on the beautiful morning of 31st July 2016, with tug Svitzer Sky in attendence.

Container work delays Margrethe Maersk sailing, 25 Nov 2015

Last minute container loading and what looks like twistlock problems delay Margrethe Maersk’s sailing on Wednesday 25th November 2015. Includes close-up views of tug foredeck work on Svitzer Intrepid and…

Part 2 – Matz Maersk 1st call up close and personal!

The second part of our special feature Aboard the Svitzer tug Stanford for a tug’s eye view of the arrival of Maersk Triple-E Matz Maersk for her first call at…