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4-ship morning: Stena Britannica heads for Rotterdam; 12 December 2018

North Sea ferry Stena Britannica turns into Harwich Harbour from the River Stour, and heads out – next stop, Hook of Holland.

Harwich Harbour Rush Hour 26 July

A surprising busy morning at Harwich – as well as 2 container ships, which feature in their own clips, we see UKD Orca, Offshore service vessel Go Electra, ferry Stena…

Stena Britannica builds to service speed, 5 June 2018

Harwich – Hook ferry Stena Britannica rounds Beach end Turn, and builds her speed up to her cruising speed for the run – between 17 and 18 knots.

Stena Britannica heads out, 6 March 2018

The very smart looking Stena Britannica heads out of Harwich on her daily run to the Hook of Holland, on the bright morning of Tuesday 6 March 2018:

Stena Britannica and President Cleveland pass in narrow channel, 15 Dec 2017

New Shipping TV video: Ferry Stena Britannica and container ship President Cleveland pass in the narrow Harwich approach channel. The 2 vessels have a combined closing speed of around 25…

Stena Britannica sails from Harwich on one propshaft, 11 September, 2016

With one of her 2 propshafts out of service, ropax Stena Britannica sails from Harwich on the 11th September 2016, heading towards the Hook of Holland. With only one shaft…

Stena Britannica sailing from Harwich, 29 June 2016

The 1,200 passenger RoPax Stena Britannica sailing from Harwich toward Rotterdam, 29th June 2016:

Stena Britannica sailing from Felixstowe, 13 May 2016

Regular Stena line ferry Sten Britannica sailing from Harwich on the breezy afternoon of 13th May 2016 . . the little yacht is shown to give you a comparison as…

Stena Britannica arrival delayed by storm Katie; 28 March 2016

Stena Britannica, scheduled to arrive at Harwich from the Hook of Holland at around 5.15 this morning, didn’t make it alongside until around 12.30, after having to wait outside Harwich…

Selandia Seaways and Stena Britannica sailing, 9th October 2014

DFDS Selandia Seaways sailing from Felixstowe, and Stena Britannica sailing from Harwich on the breezy morning of 9th October, 2014:

Stena Britannica passengers reported to have “jumped overboard”

2 passengers are reported to have jumped overboard from the Stena Britannica, sailing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, at about 9.45am on 26th Feb, 2014

Shipspotters Sunday 36: ER Pusan & Stena Britannica

Filmed on the 13th July, 2013; Stena Britannica outbound on her daytime sailing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, and ER Pusan inbound towards Felixstowe, with Tug Stanford.