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Lightly laden Triple-E Madison Maersk sails in a strong breeze, 15 March 2019

With a westerly wind at between 21 and 25 knots, Madison Maersk employs 3 of Felixstowe’s Svitzer tugs to clear the berth and get under way, on the morning of…

Strong winds stop Ship-to-Shore cranes,12 March 2019

Strong winds are causing container handling problems at ports across Northern Europe, including the Port of Felixstowe, on the UK’s east coast. This video filmed between 8am and 9am on…

Bon Vivant arrives in a gale, 7 February 2019

General cargo vessel Bon Vivant arrives at Harwich Harbour with a westerly wind gusting to around 37 knots on the morning of 7 February, 2019:

Sormovskiy 3058 enters in a gale, 7 February 2019

With a westerly wind blowing at between 26 – 36 knots at around 10am on 7 February 2019, general cargo vessel Sormovskiy 3058 enters harbour, and heads towards Ipswich.

MSC ZOE docks in Bremerhaven after losing 270 containers.

Footage filmed in Bremerhaven on Thursday shows the cargo ship MSC Zoe which lost around 270 containers in stormy seas off the Dutch coast.

Maersk Gairloch arrives, breezy morning of 7 November, 2018

Still looking good despite her hard-working career, the 2003-built Maersk Gairloch arrives at Felixstowe on the morning of 7 November, 2018

Tug Svitzer Sky hustles back to the pontoon, 7 November2018

Felixstowe-based tug Svitzer Sky heads back to the tug pontoon on the dismal and rainy morning of 7 November 2018.

Little Sister: Fluvius Otter passes Felixstowe berths, 3 November 2018

Fluvius Otter sails from Ipswich, passing the berths at Felixstowe on the breezy morning of 3 November 2018.

Evelyn Maersk arrives from Colombo, 20 September 2018

Around 11 years old but still looking good, Evelyn Maersk arrives well loaded from Colombo, for the start of the Northern European leg of her rotation, on the breezy morning…

Triple-E Maren Maersk gathers way and departs; 20 September 2018

Triple-E Maren Maersk gathers way and sails from the Port of Felixstowe, on the breezy morning of Thursday, 20 September 2018.

CSCL Arctic Ocean arrives at Felixstowe, 21 September 2018

Arriving at Felixstowe, her final Northern European call on this rotation before returning to the far east, CSCL Arctic Ocean appears in Harwich Approach Channel mid-morning Friday 21 September 2018.

Svitzer fleet out in force for Maren Maersk, 20 September 2018

With a strong SSW breeze blowing, Felixstowe’s whole fleet of four Svitzer tugs are turned out to lift Maren Maersk away from the quay at Felixstowe, 20 September 2018.

CSCL Pacific Ocean needs extra grunt, 19 August 2018

On the windy morning of 19 August 2018, ultra large container ship CSCL Pacific Ocean is struggling to clear her berth at Felixstowe with two tugs at the stern and…

Sunday Special: big ships near miss . .

Sunday special – a very, very near miss, with the camera on a vessel at anchor, while the vessel under way passes extremely . . . more by luck than…

YM Efficiency loses 83 containers off Australian coast:

Conatiner ship YM Efficiency situated off the coast at Dee Why (northern Sydney, Australia) after losing 83 containers off the Newcastle coast:

Sheltering in the Downs during Storm Georgina, 24 Jan 2018

Filmed from Deal beach during Storm Georgina, dredger Barent Zanen and reefer Baltic Clipper ride out the strong wind in the Downs, a historic anchorage and storm shelter between Kent’s…

Calais Seaways turns hard at Dover, Storm Georgina, 24 Jan 2018

DFDS Calais Seaways makes a hard turn to port, assisted by DHB tug Dauntless, to set herself up to leave Dover Harbour’s Eastern Entrance, during Storm Georgina on the morning…

European Seaway arrives during Storm Georgina, 24 Jan 2018

P & O freight ferry European Seaway arriving at the Port of Dover at around 10.45am on the morning of 24 January 2018, during Storm Georgina:

Suntis passing through Harwich Harbour, 17 Jan 2018

New Shipping TV video: General cargo vessel Suntis outbound after her regular call at Ipswich wet dock with timber for Anglo Norden distribution. Apologies for shake at the start of…

Watch: ‘MV FAME’ adrift in force 10 gale: 14 December, 2017

Yesterday afternoon, just before 5.30pm, HM Coastguard received a Pan Pan VHF Radio broadcast from the ‘MV FAME’ reporting that it had engine failure and was drifting 1.2 nm offshore…

P&O Ferry Pride of Kent grounds inside Calais harbour, 10 December 2017

The Port of Calais has been forced to close due to heavy weather after a passenger ferry ran aground. A total of 316 people, including 208 passengers, are reported to…