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Jackup platform PARAGON C20051 being towed by 4 tugs to Harwich, 25/8/18

Jackup platform Paragon c20051 slowly makes her way into Harwich Harbour with tugs Zeus of Finland and Thor, and Felixstowe-based tugs Svitzer Kent and Svitzer Shotley, and heads for Harwich…

Rig Paragon 391 entering Harwich Harbour, around 5pm, 17th August 2017

Drilling Rig Paragon B391, capable of drilling to 20,000 ft through up to 390 feet of water, being towed into Harwich Harbour, heading for Harwich International Port. Towing vessels are…

Self-propelled jack-up platform Sea Installer, 9 August, 2015

A2SEA’s self-propelled jack-up platform ship Sea Installer sailing from Harwich on the afternoon of 9th August, 2015. She is on her way to the Irish Sea.