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Vintage tanker Zapadnyy arrives at Felixstowe; 24 August 2019

Built in 1970, tanker Zapadnyy is fast approaching her 50th birthday, which makes her an “antique”, according to some experts – but we prefer the word “vintage”. She has always…

Tanker Med Baltic heads for Harwich, 14 July 2019

Oil and chemical product tanker Med Baltic arrives in Harwich Harbour, on her way to the jetty at Harwich International – Parkeston Quay.

Tanker CHEMICAL PROVIDER outbound from Harwich in windy conditions, 12/3/19

134m oil/chemical tanker Chemical Provider passing through Harwich Harbour outbound from Harwich in the windy and rough conditions, heading for Rotterdam.

Alongside at Felixstowe, 21st April 2015.

MSC Tomoko, Ever Lucent, lying alongside, Maersk Kithira coming in, and Azuryth passing by on her way to Ipswich on the sunny afternoon of Monday, 21st April 2015.

Ilse Wulff and Syros at Felixstowe, 15th August, 2014

Container ship Ilse Wulff outbound from Trinity Terminal, while product tanker Syros heads in toward Parkeston Quay, on the morning of 15th August, 2014.

Tanker Paxoi & MSC Paris entering Felixstowe, 12th May 2014

Product tanker Paxoi and container ship MSC Paris entering Felixstowe on the breezy morning of 12th May, 2014.