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Big Ships Up Close: Cosco Shipping Aquarius clears the quay and gets under way; 12 June 2019

Cosco Shipping’s latest sea-monster, Aquarius, is cleared from the quayside by the tugs and her own thrusters, and swings to line up for the start of the Beach End Turn,…

Maiden Call: Ultra Large Cosco Shipping Galaxy, 23 May – part 2, entering harbour.

Ultra Large Container Ship Cosco Shipping Galaxy completes Beach End turn to enter Harwich Harbour for her maiden call at the Port of Felixstowe on the afternoon of 23 May,…

FERRY NEW AWASHIMA – Awashima-Line brand new passenger ship

The AWASHIMA-LINE brand new passenger ship FERRY NEW AWASHIMA sailed the Kanmon Strait from Miura Shipbuilding, Oita to Awashima Island, Niigata. Filmed by binmei.jp

New £200M UK polar research ship ready 2019

The UK Government has announced that they are spending around £200M on a new polar research ship with icebreaking capabilities, due to come into service in 2019. More information: Natural…

Brittany Ferries orders new LNG ferry for 2017

Western Channel ferry operator, Brittany Ferries, have just ordered a new £225m 52,500GT LNG-powered ferry for their UK -Spain routes . . due to start service in 2017.