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Timelapse: Maribo Maersk swing and berths; 31 August 2019

3x timelapse as ultra large container ship Maribo Maersk swings and comes alongside at berth 8 at the port of Felixstowe.

Triple-E Maribo Maersk arrives at Felixstowe, 31 August 2019

Arriving from Rotterdam on the beautiful morning of Saturday 31 August, ultra large container ship Maribo Maersk enters Harwich Harbour and makes her way towards berth 8.

Up Close – Maribo Maersk leaves the berth, 18 April 2017.

2014-built Triple-E Maribo Maersk leaves the berth at Felixstowe, on the afternoon of 18th April 2017:

Maribo Maersk leaves the quay, swings and sails, 15 May 2016

Triple-E Maribo Maersk leaving the quay, with a good view of the tug and foredeck work, swings off the River Stour entrance, and sails for Bremerhaven.

Maribo Maersk, arriving 10 July 2015 (Enhanced zoom test)

Maribo Maersk arriving Felixstowe, evening of 10th July, 2015 Originally filmed as a lens test, added stabilisation on some shots – I’m experimenting with using a longer zoom lens to…

Triple-E Maribo Maersk 1st call, breezy evening of 24th April 2015

The latest Tripe-E to arrive at Felixsatowe, Maribo Maersk required 3 tugs on her first call, on the breezy evening of 24th April 2015.