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Maersk Kobe sails for Bremerhaven, 17 March 2020

2000-built container ship Maersk Kobe, on charter to Maersk Line from Costamare until April 2020 at the earliest, heads out towards her next port after completing work at Felixstowe If…

MAERSK KOBE meets MAERSK EXETER heading into the port of Felixstowe 5/2/20

294m length Maersk Kobe heads inbound and passes 366m length Maersk Exeter outbound in the main channel on approach to the port of Felixstowe. In the harbour Svitzer Sky meets…

Maersk Kobe arrives, beautiful morning of 15 August 2019

Looking good in the bright morning sun, 2000-built Maersk Kobe rounds Beach End, and heads in towards her berth at around 7am

Maersk Kobe sails, 12 November 2018

The 2000-built container ship Maersk Kobe sails from Felixstowe, morning of Monday, 12 November 2018: