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Tanker Dee Fisher sails for Amsterdam, 28 February 2020

On the breezy morning of 28 February, oil/chemical tanker Dee Fisher heads out into the cold North Sea, towards her next call at Amsterdam. If you enjoy what Shipping TV…

Triple-E Marseille Maersk in Harwich Approach Channel; 25 February 2020

Ultra Large Container Ship Marseille Maersk passes through Harwich Approach Channel on her way in to the Port of Felixstowe, collecting two of her tugs on the way. If you…

Tanker Seniority & MSC Carouge pass in the harbour; 18 February 2020

Small chemical/product tanker Seniority, outbound from Harwich, passes container ship MSC Carouge, just arriving for Felixstowe. If you enjoy what Shipping TV does, buy me a coffee! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ShippingTV

Dredger James Cook sails for the dumping ground 3 February 2020

After another dredging run along the main channel at Felixstowe, dredger Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger James Cook heads out towards the Sunk area, where the spoil is dumped. If you…

Coaster FAST WIL passing through Harwich Harbour outbound from Mistley, 5/2/20

After departing Mistley and heading down the River Stour the 79.79m length coaster Fast Will passes through Harwich Harbour and heads off to her next port – Antwerp. Filmed by…

Dredger James Cook drops her gear and goes to work, 4 February 2020

1992-built dredger James Cook returns to Felixstowe to start her next dredging run, dropping her gear and starting to dredge in the main Harwich Harbour entrance channel. If you enjoy…

What happened here? Dutch trawler, 3 February 2020

What happened here? Dutch FV Goede Hoop enters Harwich Harbour and immediately departs, returning to fish near the Sunk Deep Water Anchorage. I was left wondering exactly what the purpose…

Aasfjord passing through Harwich Harbour, 20 January 2020

After completing her call at Ipswich, general cargo vessel Aasfjord heads towards the North Sea, making for Holland

Tanker Bothnia heading for Ipswich, 13 January 2020

Product and chemical tanker Bothnia passes through Harwich Harbour on her way toward the River Orwell and Ipswich, on the morning of 13 January 2020.

Paper Star arrives at dawn, 25 November 2019

Just as dawn breaks, general cargo ship Paper Star passes through Harwich Harbour and heads towards the ABP Port of Ipswich, at he head of the River Orwell.

Small tug JEAN T towing barge through Harwich Harbour 13/11/19

16.89m length tug/workboat JEAN T heads through Harwich Harbour towing a barge after departing Harwich. Filmed by Paul Hiett

Tanker Sapphire sailing from Ipswich, 12 October 2019

After sailing from Ipswich, chemical and product tanker Sapphire sails across Harwich Harbour on the dull morning of 12 October 2019.https://youtu.be/qiev5L104Gs

General cargo ship MANISA HAMUTO passing through Harwich Harbour 5/10/19

After abandoning a previous attempt to leave the anchorage off Felixstowe due to engine problems the day before, the general cargo vessel Manisa Hamuto heads through Harwich Harbour and with…

6am – Oder arrives for Ipswich as Svitzer Shotley heads for Ever Given; 21 September 2019.

Just as the sun gets up to the horizon, general cargo vessel Oder enters Harwich Harbour making for Ipswich, while tug Svitzer Shotley heads out to Beach End, where she’ll…

Dredger Sand Falcon arrives for Harwich; 17 September 2019

1998-built trailing suction hopper dredger Sand Falcon arrives at Harwich Harbour on the bright morning of 17 September 2019, to go alongside at Harwich Navyard.

Coaster RACHEL passing through Harwich Harbour for Ipswich 31/8/19

99.8m length coaster Rachel arrives in Harwich Harbour heading for the ABP port of Ipswich.

SLOMAN DISCHARGER – General cargo ship heading for Harwich 15/8/19

138.07m length Sloman Discharger arrives in Harwich Harbour after spending 2 days out in the Bawdsey anchorage waiting for a berth at Harwich. Filmed by Paul Hiett

Fri Tide sails and tanker Ardea arrives, 9 August 2019

On the windy morning of Friday 9 August 2019, general cargo ship Fri Tide passes through Harwich Harbour on her way from Ipswich to Terneuzen, while tanker Ardea is inbound,…

Safety afloat – tug Shotley has a word; 5 August 2019

Although the majority of recreational craft – yachts and motor boats – take good care to keep out of the way of Felixstowe’s big ships, it is easy for visitors…

Tug Viking heads for Harwich, 26 July 2019

Employed on windfarm operations around the North Sea and Thames Estuary, tug Viking hustles into Harwich Harbour on the mroning of 26 July 2019.

Beautiful moment; 20 July 2019

A hundred years ago, you’d have seen dozens of these Thames Barges crossing Harwich Harbour on every tide, heading for Ipswich, Pin Mill , London river or dozens of other…