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General cargo vessel Klaipeda inbound passing Gravesend, 3 March 2020

The 1995-built general cargo ship Klaipeda heading up the River Thames, passing between Gravesend and the new Tilbury 2 ferry terminal. If you enjoy what Shipping TV does, buy me…

Deep water dredger Spauwer heading up the Thames, 3 March 2020

Built in 2017, dredger Spauwer is designed for and gravel extraction from beyond the continental shelf, at depths of up to 65 metres. She is also equipped for self-discharging at…

Tanker Stavfjord sails from Purfleet; 12 February 2020.

On the bright and breezy morning of Wednesday 12 Feb, tanker Stavfjord steams past Gravesend, on her way towards Norway. If you enjoy what Shipping TV does, buy me a…

Tug Svitzer Cecilia goes astern past Gravesend; 12 February 2020

On this bright but very breezy morning, 1991-built tug Svitzer Cecilia passes Gravesend running astern. On the other side of the river, you can see progress on the new Tilbury…

2 Ferries on the Thames, plus pilot transfer, 17 January 2020

With a strong breeze bringing life to the Thames, ro-ro ferries Adeline and Thuleland head up the river for their berths – Thuleland will be passing through the lock into…

Ro-ro Victorine sails from the Thames, 17 January 2020

On the windy and cold morning of 17 January, ro-ro ferry Victorine heads down the River Thames, passing the new Tilbury 2 terminal to the north, and Gravesend to the…

Feeders Henneke Rambow & Containerships Aurora pass Gravesend on the Thames; 11 December 2019

Feeder container ship Henneke Rambow outbound from Tilbury, and LNG- fuelled feeder Containerships Aurora inbound for the same port, on the morning of 11 December 2011.

On the Thames: Ferry Tundraland approaching Tilbury, 5 July 2019

Ferry Tundraland approaches the Port of Tilbury on the River Thames, Friday 5 July 2019, passing in front of the works for the new Tilbury 2 ro-ro terminal with is…

Feeder Pengalia arrives at Tilbury, 10 May 2019

The 690 TEU feeder Pengalia passes Gravesend on her way to Tilbury Dock on the Thames, approaching low water on Friday, 10 May 2019.

Just for fun: A trip on the Tilbury ferry; 10 May 2019

While filming on the Thames at Tilbury, we took the opportunity for a quick trip on the ferry – this runs to Gravesend, just over the river.

River Thames: Ro-ro Celestine sails for Vlissingen, 10 May 2019

Ro-ro ferry Celestine sails from Purfleet on the Thames towards Vlissingen, passing the waterfront of Gravesend, Kent.

Ten-minute ferry trip, 10th June 2014

On the Tilbury Ferry to Gravesend – it’s just 5 minutes each way, with a break at either end! But around high water, there’s lots of activity to see.