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General cargo ship MANISA HAMUTO passing through Harwich Harbour 5/10/19

After abandoning a previous attempt to leave the anchorage off Felixstowe due to engine problems the day before, the general cargo vessel Manisa Hamuto heads through Harwich Harbour and with…

Fri Tide sails and tanker Ardea arrives, 9 August 2019

On the windy morning of Friday 9 August 2019, general cargo ship Fri Tide passes through Harwich Harbour on her way from Ipswich to Terneuzen, while tanker Ardea is inbound,…

Coaster FRI OCEAN outbound from ABP Port of Ipswich 30/7/19.

89m length Fri Ocean heads out from the port of Ipswich and heads down the River Orwell and off to her next stop of Boston, Lincolnshire. Filmed by Paul Hiett

Up Close: Merit swings and comes alongside at Brightlingsea , part 2; 8 July 2019

General cargo vessel Merit swings against the bank at Brightlingsea, with a helpful nudge on the quarter from the harbour launch. Comes alongside and makes fast bow facing out, ready…

Arklow Falcon sailing light from Ipswich, 24 May 2019

The 2010-built general cargo vessel Arklow Falcon, sailing light, leaves Ipswich and the River Orwell and enters Harwich Harbour, heading for her next port, Invergordon, and passing her much bigger…

Frontera arrives, heading for Ipswich; 27 March 2019

General Cargo vessel Frontera arrives at Harwich Harbour, heading for the ABP port of Ipswich on the morning of 27 March, 2019.

SORMOVSKIY 3067 – Russian coastal ship departing ABP Port of Ipswich 6/3/19

29year old Russian vessel Sormovskiy 3067 breaks away from her berth at Ipswich,swings and heads out down the River Orwell passing under the Orwell Bridge as she leaves.

Burgtor arrives ABP Port of Ipswich, 12 February 2019

30 years old and still working hard, general cargo vessel Burgtor arrives at the head of the Orwell on the morning of Tuesday, 12 February 2019:

Bon Vivant arrives in a gale, 7 February 2019

General cargo vessel Bon Vivant arrives at Harwich Harbour with a westerly wind gusting to around 37 knots on the morning of 7 February, 2019:

Arklow Wave & Atlantic Mate pass, 27 January 2019

Arklow Wave, heading up the River Orwell for Ipswich, passes product tanker Atlantic Mate, which has just sailed from harwich, on the breezy morning of 27 January 2019.

RMS Cuxhaven goes astern from Mistley Quay, 25 November, 2018.

Filmed at the small UK port of Mistley, on the River Stour in Essex, RMS Cuxhaven goes astern from the berth, before swinging some distance downriver, on the chilly afternoon…

Sun Discoverer heads for Harwich,10 November 2018

General cargo vessel Sun Discoverer heads for Harwich to load for La Spezia, Italy, on the morning of 10 November 2018, with tug Gray Test making fast to assist her…

Arklow Brave heads for Harwich, 6 November 2018

General cargo vesssel Arklow Brave passes through the harbour on her way to Harwich, morning of 6 November, 2018.

Bulk carrier STAR II departs ABP Port of Ipswich 3/9/18

At around 06;30 the 152m length bulk carrier STAR II moves off her berth at Ipswich with the assistance of tugs Gray Test and Gray Salvor and heads off down…

Kirsten-B sailing from Ipswich, 13 August 2018

General cargo vessel Kirsten-B under way down the Orwell, sailing from Ipswich towards Antwerp, passing her much bigger sisters alongside at Felixstowe, 13 August 2018.

Very misty morning – 4 ships, 1 tug, one small boat; 11 April 2018

Dredger Sand Fulmar, container ship MSC Cristine, dredger Victor Horta, general cargo vessel Thebe, tug Svitzer Kent and a little angling boat appear and vanish in the late morning mist,…

Amy sails out onto a tranquil North Sea, 9 March 2018

General cargo vessel Amy heads out towards Ijmuiden on a very calm North Sea, on the 9th March 2018:

Suntis passing through Harwich Harbour, 17 Jan 2018

New Shipping TV video: General cargo vessel Suntis outbound after her regular call at Ipswich wet dock with timber for Anglo Norden distribution. Apologies for shake at the start of…

General Cargo vessel Gomera heading for Dunkerque, 18 September 2017

With a brisk breeze blowing, general cargo vessel Gomera passes through Harwich Harbour on her way to Dunkerque; morning of 18th September, 2017:

Nathalie passing Harwich heading towards Mistley, 4 july 2016

General cargo ship Nathalie heading towards Mistley Quay on the morning of 4th July, 2016.

Veendijk working cargo at Lowestoft 29/6/16

89.95m x 14.4m General cargo vessel VEENDIJK loading at Lowestoft’s silo quay 29/6/16: Filmed by Paul Hiett.