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Coaster JOHANNE on slow approach to the port of Ipswich 17/3/20.

Coaster Johanne heads up the river orwell and with Lingedijk still berthing at the port of Ipswich, the vessel slows down on approach and under the Orwell Bridge. Filmed by…

AASLI – General cargo ship outbound from Ipswich 11/3/20

General cargo ship AASLI passes through Harwich Harbour after departing the port of Ipswich. Filmed by Paul Hiett

General cargo vessel Klaipeda inbound passing Gravesend, 3 March 2020

The 1995-built general cargo ship Klaipeda heading up the River Thames, passing between Gravesend and the new Tilbury 2 ferry terminal. If you enjoy what Shipping TV does, buy me…

Sarah-B arrives for Ipswich on breezy Sunday, 1 March 2020

With a 25 to 30 knot WSW breeze blowing across Harwich Harbour as she arrives, general cargo vessel Sarah-B passes through on her way to the River Orwell and the…

Rush hour at Harwich Harbour; 24 February 2020

On the dull morning of Monday, 24 February, general cargo vesssel Nautica arrives for Ipswich and passes close by Stena Hollandica in the harbour, and then Frisiana also arrives for…

General cargo ship AST MALTA sailing up the River Orwell for Ipswich 14/2/20

99.63m length coaster AST MALTA heads up the River Orwell on a grey Friday afternoon.Just after 4pm she sails under the Orwell Bridge and heads into the ABP port of…

Coaster FAST WIL passing through Harwich Harbour outbound from Mistley, 5/2/20

After departing Mistley and heading down the River Stour the 79.79m length coaster Fast Will passes through Harwich Harbour and heads off to her next port – Antwerp. Filmed by…

Aasfjord passing through Harwich Harbour, 20 January 2020

After completing her call at Ipswich, general cargo vessel Aasfjord heads towards the North Sea, making for Holland

Paper Star arrives at dawn, 25 November 2019

Just as dawn breaks, general cargo ship Paper Star passes through Harwich Harbour and heads towards the ABP Port of Ipswich, at he head of the River Orwell.

Up Close: Suntis berths at Ipswich, 10 November 2019

A look at the Port of Ipswich’s wet dock, including temporary resident Noah’s Ark, but concentrating on the last of the wet dock’s regular callers, general cargo vessel Suntis –…

Arklow Valley hustles through Harwich Harbour, 9 November 2019

General cargo ship Arklow Valley enters Harwich Harbour on the morning of 9 November 2019, heading towards the River Orwell and the ABP Port of Ipswich.

Coaster PATRON heading into the port of Ipswich 4/11/19

118m length coaster Patron heads up the River Orwell, sails under the Orwell bridge and heads into the port of Ipswich.

Arklow Faith sails from Ipswich; 2 October 2019

General cargo ship Arklow Faith sails fully laden from the ABP Port of Ipswich on the afternoon of Wednesday, 2nd October 2019.

Coaster ARINA outbound from the port of Ipswich 15/8/19

104.79m length coaster Arina heads through Harwich Harbour after leaving the ABP port of Ipswich and heads off to her next call in Rotterdam. Filmed by Paul Hiett

SLOMAN DISCHARGER – General cargo ship heading for Harwich 15/8/19

138.07m length Sloman Discharger arrives in Harwich Harbour after spending 2 days out in the Bawdsey anchorage waiting for a berth at Harwich. Filmed by Paul Hiett

MALIY B.S. – Geared general cargo ship heading into ABP port of Ipswich 15/7/19.

138.11m length MALIY B.S. heads up the River Orwell with small tug Gray Test made fast astern from the port of Felixstowe. She passes under the Orwell Bridge and heads…

Coaster RMS DUISBURG passing through Harwich Harbour for Ipswich

99.9m length RMS Duisburg arrives in Harwich Harbour heading towards the mouth of the River Orwell, leading to the Associated British Ports port of Ipswich, on the 5th July 2019.

Peak Bremen passes through Kingsferry bridge, 3 July 2019

General cargo ship Peak Bremen passing under the Swale Crosssing flyover and then through Kingsferry Bridge on her way to Ridham Dock. NAABSA is an abbreviation for the term: ‘Not…

Geared general cargo ship COPENHAGEN heading into Ipswich 14/6/19

With the sun setting the 108m length Copenhagen heads up the River Orwell, sailing under the Orwell bridge and heads into the ABP Port of Ipswich.

Baltica Hav comes alongside at Mistley, 11 April 2019

General cargo vessel Baltica Hav arrives alongside at the Port of Mistley, at the head of the tidal River Stour in Essex.

H&S Bravery leaves Mistley, astern, 11 April 2019

While light ships often go astern from the quay when sailing, H&S Bravery was fully laden. Mistley usually suggests ships alongside to load come in astern and sail ahead when…