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General cargo vessel Klaipeda sails from Ipswich, 29 May 2019

Built in 1995 but still looking good, general cargo vessel Klaipeda sails light from the ABP Port of Ipswich on the breezy morning of 29 May 2019.

Coaster VALENTINA heading into ABP port of ipswich 12/5/19

On a sunny Sunday afternoon the 100.56m length vessel Valentina heads up the River Orwell,passes under the Orwell Bridge and arrives at the UK port of Ipswich.

H&S Bravery aground, 11 April 2019

General cargo vessel H & S Bravery went aground for a short time after leaving the quay going astern at Mistley on the afternoon of 11 April 2019. Looked like…

Progres towed into Harwich, 24 March 2019

After experiencing problems on her way to Peterhead, general cargo vessel Progres is towed into Harwich Harbour by tugs Grey Test and Svitzer Shotley. Filmed at last light, 7pm, on…

Sormovskiy 3058 enters in a gale, 7 February 2019

With a westerly wind blowing at between 26 – 36 knots at around 10am on 7 February 2019, general cargo vessel Sormovskiy 3058 enters harbour, and heads towards Ipswich.

SP Venture arrives at dawn, 8 January 2019

General cargo vessel SP Venture passes through Harwich Harbour on her way to Ipswich, dawn on Tuesday, 8 January 2019

RMS Cuxhaven goes astern from Mistley Quay, 25 November, 2018.

Filmed at the small UK port of Mistley, on the River Stour in Essex, RMS Cuxhaven goes astern from the berth, before swinging some distance downriver, on the chilly afternoon…

EGE BEY – General cargo vessel heading for port of Ipswich 25/9/18

130m length Ege Bey sails up the River Orwell,under the Orwell Bridge and into the ABP port of Ipswich.

Sisters Arklow Ruler & Arklow Forest sail together from Ipswich, 6 September 2018

Near-twins Arklow Ruler and Arklow Forest sail at the same time, around 5pm, from the ABP Port of Ipswich on Thursday 6 September. Although the 2 ships were built 5…

Bulk carrier STAR II departs ABP Port of Ipswich 3/9/18

At around 06;30 the 152m length bulk carrier STAR II moves off her berth at Ipswich with the assistance of tugs Gray Test and Gray Salvor and heads off down…

Very misty morning – 4 ships, 1 tug, one small boat; 11 April 2018

Dredger Sand Fulmar, container ship MSC Cristine, dredger Victor Horta, general cargo vessel Thebe, tug Svitzer Kent and a little angling boat appear and vanish in the late morning mist,…

Tinno arrives in the rain, 12 March 2018

Wilson’s Tinno arrives at Felixstowe, bound for Ipswich, in the rain on the morning of 12 March 2018:

Kimberly C passing through Harwich Harbour, 29 July 2017

General cargo vessel Kimberly C passing through Harwich Harbour after sailing from Ipswich for Hull, afternoon of 29th July 2017. The trip boat overtaking her is the Orwell Lady, which…

Luhnau passing through Harwich Harbour towards Ipswich, 10 August 2016ug

Short sea trader Luhnau passing through the Harbour on her way to Ipswich, Wednesday 10th August 2016.

Flinter Rose departing Harwich Harbour, 8 July 2016

After sailing from Ipswich, short sea trader Flinter Rose is heading towards Cork, Eire, on the breezy evening of 8th July, 2016.

Vectis Harrier calls at Felixstowe 14th December 2015

Carisbrooke Shipping’s multi-purpose low emission dry cargo vessel Vectis Harrier calls at Felixstowe on Monday, 14th December, 2015:

Arklow Falcon arriving Ipswich, 6 December 2014

The 2,998 GT Arklow Falcon, passing under the Orwell Bridge as she arrives at Ipswich on 6th December, 2014

Ebroborg sailing into Rotterdam

Filmed from the bridge of the 7,196 GT general cargo vessel Ebroborg, as she steams with a pilot on board to the Sint Laurenshaven in Rotterdam, berthing at the European…