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First Call: general cargo and container ship Aal Kobe; 13 April 2019

With a chilly North Easterly breeze and sunshine, geared general cargo and container-equipped vessel Aal Kobe arrives at the Port of Felixstowe for her first call on the morning of…

Bomar Caen arrives at Felixstowe, late afternoon, 21 June

Geared container Ship, Bomar Caen (previously ER Caen) enters Harwich Harbour and picks up her tug for berthing; 21 June 2018:

Geared container ship Westermoor in Harwich Approach Channel, 22 May 2018

Geared container ship Westermore in Harwich Approach channel, heading for Felixstowe. She’s making around 15 knots as we first see her, reducing to around 8 knots as she reaches Beach…

Viona sails in the snow, 7 Feb 2018

Geared container ship Viona, 1719 TEU, sails during a snow flurry from the Port of Felixstowe, mid-morning 7 February 2018: