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Ferry DFDS Gardenia Seaways requires 2 tugs, 8 August 2018

Looking as if she may be suffering mechanical or technical problems, Ro-Ro ferry DFDS Gardenia Seaways employs 2 tugs to enter harbour and to berth at Felixstowe on the evening…

DFDS Gardenia Seaways sails for Vlaadingen, 27 July 2018

2017-built ro-ro ferry Gardenia Seaways heads away from Felixstowe towards Vlaadingen, Rotterdam on the bright morning of 27 July 2018.

Gardenia Seaways and Cardiff cross at Harwich, 1 Nov 2017

DFDS latest freight RoRo Gardenia Seaways and container ship Cape Tainaro cross in Harwich Harbour, 1st November, 2017.