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DFDS Suecia Seaways sails, windy morning of 15 March 2019

Although Roro ferries are among the most maneuverable ships, DFDS Suecia Seaways engaged a tug to assist her from her ramp on the windy morning of Friday, 15 March 2019

30 knot winds mean 4 tugs for CSCL Pacific Ocean, 27 January 2018

With winds gusting to around 30 knots, and high container stacks generating massive windage, container ship CSCL Pacific Ocean required 4 tugs to lift her away from the quay at…

Storm-damaged Maersk Stepnica in Felixstowe

8,750 TEU Maersk Stepnica has been diverted from her regular run into Felixstowe so that salvage can be carried out on stacks of containers badly damaged as she was passing…