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Maiden voyage COSCO SHIPPING STAR arrival/berthing at port of Felixstowe 1/8/19

399.87m length Cosco Shipping Star arrives in Harwich Harbour on her maiden voyage from Singapore and with Felixstowe tugs Svitzer Shotley, Svitzer Sky and Svitzer Deben in assistance she swings…

First Call: Cosco Shipping Rose at Felixstowe, 22 July 2019

Making her first call at Felixstowe, 366 metre long container ship Cosco Shipping Rose looks smart in her mid-blue livery – showing up well in the strong summer sun. This…

Maersk Eureka swings and berths on her first call at Felixstowe; 18 June 2019

Ex-Hanjin Hooso, now Maersk Eureka swings and goes alongside at Felixstowe, on her first call at the UK port.

Maersk Exeter (ex Hyundai Speed) First Call, part 2: dead slow astern; 10 June 2019

After swinging, Maersk Exeter goes astern up to her berth, No 7 at Felixstowe, and a touch of ahead brings her to a stop. The, using tugs and thrusters, she…

Maersk Exeter (ex Hyundai Speed) 1st call at Felixstowe, pt 1: timelapse swing, 10 June 2019.

Maersk Exeter (ex Hyundai Speed) first call at Felixstowe,, part 1: timelapse as Maersk Exeter swings in Harwich Harbour, before going astern towards berth 7. Part 2 shows her making…

CSCL Neptune sails 31 May 2019, part 2: Getting under way.

After clearing the berth after her first call at Felixstowe (see part 1), CSCL Neptune goes ahead and drops of both her bow and stern tugs as she leave the…

Vaga Maersk sails after first call at Felixstowe, 30 May 2019

Ice class superfeeder Vaga Maersk sails from the Port of Felixstowe after completing her first call, on the morning of 30 May 2019.

CSCL Neptune, first call at Felixstowe, 29 May 2019

2012-built container ship CSCL Neptune arrives for her first call at the Port of Felixstowe on the evening of 29 May 2019.

Maiden Call: Ultra Large Cosco Shipping Galaxy, 23 May – part 2, entering harbour.

Ultra Large Container Ship Cosco Shipping Galaxy completes Beach End turn to enter Harwich Harbour for her maiden call at the Port of Felixstowe on the afternoon of 23 May,…

Maiden Call: Ever Gentle alongside working boxes; 5 May 2019

On the sunny afternoon of 5 May 2019, the very new and shiny Ultra Large Container Ship Ever Gentle lies alongside at the Port of Felixstowe on her maiden call,…

First call: YM Evolution at Felixstowe, 6 Aprill 2017

Yang Ming’s 4,662 TEU container vessel YM Evolution arriving for her first call at the Port of Felixstowe, 6th April, 2017:

Morten Maersk maiden call, 1st call at Felixstowe 8th January 2014

While all of the fanfares were going on for the CSCL Globe on her maiden call at Felixstowe, Morten Maersk came into Felixstowe on her maiden call, too, with no…

Thalassa Pistis, 1st call, maiden call; dusk, 9th March 2014

As the last light was fading from the sky on 9th March, 2014, the 2014 13,800TEU container ship Thalassa Pistis made her first and maiden call here at Felixstowe.