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At sea in Storm Gertrude – January, 2016

If you’d like experience what being at sea in a major storm is like, join Bigwavemaster aboard the ERRV. as Storm Gertrude passes through – filmed 100 Nautical Miles North…

At sea aboard an ERRV, February 2015

Aboard an Emergency Response and Rescue vessel in the chilly month of February, 2015, in the far northern part of the North Sea:

VOS Vigilant in heavy seas off Shetland

Filmed on the bridge of Vroon Offshore’s standby rescue vessel, VOS Vigilant, on 12 January 2015:

From the bridge: entering Aberdeen Harbour at Night

ERRV (Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel) entering Aberdeen Harbour at Night. Just before getting getting to our birth, we lost power to the for’d thruster.The skill of the master still…

Christmas & New Year at sea on an ERRV, 2014

Join the Captain and crew aboard an ERRV in the northern North Sea as they celebrate Christmas 2014 and the New Year . .

A month at sea, Christmas & New Year Special 2014

Join the Captain and crew at sea from a month of ERRV duty – aboard their Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel, standing by rigs in the Northern North Sea. It…

What did you do at Christmas, Daddy?

All over the world on Christmas Day, seamen were working as usual, away from family, friends and their communities at home . . filmed aboard an ERRV Emergency Response and…