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E R Pusan arrives at Felixstowe, breezy morning of 4 March 2019

On the bright and breezy morning of Monday 4 March 2019, E R Pusan arrives at Felixstowe. This vessel entered service in 2000, but is still paying her way and…

E R Pusan sails from Felixstowe, 5th December 2017

New shipping TV video: container ship E R Pusan sails from the Port of Felixstowe on the dull and dismal Tuesday, 5th December, 2017:

Shipspotters Sunday 36: ER Pusan & Stena Britannica

Filmed on the 13th July, 2013; Stena Britannica outbound on her daytime sailing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, and ER Pusan inbound towards Felixstowe, with Tug Stanford.