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Classic Shipping TV – North Sea ro-ro, part 4

New Classic Shipping TV video: part 4 of Shipping TV’s 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro, sailing home from Rotterdam aboard DFDS Selandia Seaways – slowly out of the Vulcaanhaven basin…

STV Classic: North Sea Ferry, part 1: Felixstowe outbound

Classic Shipping TV video: part 1 of Shipping TV’s 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro, filmed aboard DFDS Seaways freight ferries Suecia Seaways and Sealandia Seaways, working between Felixstowe and Vlaardingen,…

Suecia Seaways arrives at dusk, 14 Dec 17

DFDS Suecia Seaways arrives on her regular run from Vlaardingen at dusk on 14 December, 2017. Experience a round trip between Felixstowe and Vlaardingen aboard this class of ship: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGpLOh2lZwxvd_djhCv0pd3Oryb9dhNvC

STV Ferry Week: Calais Seaways sails, 3 Oct 2017

1991-built DFDS Ferry Calais Seaways sails from the Port of Calais, 3rd October, 2017 You can now become a patron of Shipping TV for just $1 a month, getting extra…

DFDS Seaways upgrade UK – Rotterdam services; 24 Nov 2015

DFDS Seaways are replacing Anglia Seaways with a larger vessel on the Felixstowe – Rotterdam route, and moving her to their Immingham – Rotterdam route to improve capacity.

Cross Channel Ferries: Pride of Kent & Delft Seaways, 13th October 2015

Seen from the cliff-tops above Dover Harbour, P&O’s Pride of Kent and DFDS Delft Seaways sailing on their scheduled services on a breezy day, 13th October 2015:

DFDS Selandia Seaways inbound at Felixstowe, 30th June 2015

DFDS Seaways freight-only ro-ro ferry and the second star of our “North Sea Ro-Ro” series, DFDS Selandia Seaways arriving at Felixstowe from Rotterdam, 30th June, 2015.

NORTH SEA RO-RO, part 5: Arriving Felixstowe and onto the berth . .

Aboard DFDS Selandia Seaways, we’re just arriving at Felixstowe when we’re delayed by a large vessel sailing – Morten Maersk. This is the fifth and final part of our latest…

NORTH SEA RO-RO, part 4: Sailing from Rotterdam on Selandia Seaways

Now the 17th June, 2015, and we’re aboard Selandia Seaways, and sailing downriver on our return trip to Felixstowe. This is the fourth part of our five part series, filmed…

NORTH SEA RO-RO, special: Jutlandia Seaways berthing at Rotterdam

At DFDS Seaways terminal in Vulcaanhaven basin, Rotterdam, we were lucky enough to film DFDS Rotterdam – Immingham ferry Jutlandia Seaways entering the basin astern, and berthing at the ramp….