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Gardenia Seaways and Cardiff cross at Harwich, 1 Nov 2017

DFDS latest freight RoRo Gardenia Seaways and container ship Cape Tainaro cross in Harwich Harbour, 1st November, 2017.

STV Ferry Week: DFDS Calais Seaways arrives at Calais, 3 Oct 2017

Built in 1991 and with several name changes since, Calais Seaways enters the Port of Calais and heads for the ramp on Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017. Her previous names have…

STV Ferry Week: Sailing from Dover + Calais passing traffic, 2 October 2017

Filmed with a hand-held camera aboard the Spirit of Britain, leaving the Port of Dover, and then seeing passing ferry traffic as we make the approach in towards Calais on…

STV Ferry Week: European Seaway sailing from Calais, 3 October 17

P&O freight ferry European Seaway sailing from Calais on the breezy morning of Tuesday, 3rd October 2017:

Ferry Week: DFDS Cote des Flandres sails, 3 October 2017

Shipping TV Ferry Week video: DFDS Cote des Flandres sails from the Port of Calais, on the bright and breezy morning of Tuesday, 3 October 2017:

STV Ferry Week: Cotes des Flandres arrives Calais, 2nd Oct 17

Ferry Week: DFDS Cote des Flandre arrives at the Port of Calais, 2 October 2017:

STV Ferry Week 2017: Cote des Dunes sails from Calais, 2nd Oct 2017

2001-built ferry DFDS Cote des Dunes sails from the port of Calais into a 20 knot westerly, Monday 2nd October 2017.

FERRY WEEK 2017: Ferry Week 2017: Suecia Seaways swings and berths at Vlaardingen.

Timelapse movie filmed as part of our 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro – Captain Ole Nielsen swings Suecia Seaways, and takes her astern into the berth at Vlaardingen. You can…

Storm Doris: Ro-ro Britannia Seaways leaves her berth with 2 tugs, 23 February 2017

Ro-ro Ferries like Britannia Seaways are designed to carry out all their manoeuvres under their own power, using their powerful bowthrusters and twin engines, and Becker rudders to control propeller…

Britannia Seaways sailing for Rotterdam, 22 July 2016

DFDS RoRo ferry Britannia Seaways sailing for Rotterdam on the bright morning of 22nd July 2016.

City of Rotterdam heads to Tyne for repairs; 23rd December 2015

After the collision in the Humber with DFDS Primula Seaways, car carrier City of Rotterdam heads for the Tyne for repairs (new pictures):

2 ships collide in Humber Approaches, evening of 3rd Dec 2015

Car Carrier City of Rotterdam and DFDS ro-ro ferry Primula Seaways collided in the Humber approaches, around 8pm, 3rd December 2015:

DFDS Seaways upgrade UK – Rotterdam services; 24 Nov 2015

DFDS Seaways are replacing Anglia Seaways with a larger vessel on the Felixstowe – Rotterdam route, and moving her to their Immingham – Rotterdam route to improve capacity.

Cross Channel Ferries: Pride of Kent & Delft Seaways, 13th October 2015

Seen from the cliff-tops above Dover Harbour, P&O’s Pride of Kent and DFDS Delft Seaways sailing on their scheduled services on a breezy day, 13th October 2015:

DFDS Rosyth – Zeebrugge service get €6M boost

DFDS Seaways and Forth Ports will invest over EUR 6 million in the future of the Rosyth-Zeebrugge freight route, following a meeting with the First Minister of Scotland to discuss…

DFDS Selandia Seaways inbound at Felixstowe, 30th June 2015

DFDS Seaways freight-only ro-ro ferry and the second star of our “North Sea Ro-Ro” series, DFDS Selandia Seaways arriving at Felixstowe from Rotterdam, 30th June, 2015.

DFDS Suecia Seaways outbound, 30th June 2015

DFDS Seaways freight-only ro-ro ferry and star of our “North Sea Ro-Ro” series, DFDS Suecia Seaways sailing from Felixstowe en route to Rotterdam, 30th June, 2015.

NORTH SEA RO-RO, part 5: Arriving Felixstowe and onto the berth . .

Aboard DFDS Selandia Seaways, we’re just arriving at Felixstowe when we’re delayed by a large vessel sailing – Morten Maersk. This is the fifth and final part of our latest…

NORTH SEA RO-RO, part 4: Sailing from Rotterdam on Selandia Seaways

Now the 17th June, 2015, and we’re aboard Selandia Seaways, and sailing downriver on our return trip to Felixstowe. This is the fourth part of our five part series, filmed…

NORTH SEA RO-RO, special: Jutlandia Seaways berthing at Rotterdam

At DFDS Seaways terminal in Vulcaanhaven basin, Rotterdam, we were lucky enough to film DFDS Rotterdam – Immingham ferry Jutlandia Seaways entering the basin astern, and berthing at the ramp….

NORTH SEA RO-RO, part 3: Sailing into Rotterdam and onto the berth!

After a quick look at Suecia Seaways accomodation, time to enter the New Waterway and sail upriver to the terminal in Rotterdam itself – and to watch a neat example…