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Ferry morning: Somerset & DFDS Suecia Seaways sail, 26 July 2019

A total of 5 ro-ro freight ferries sail in and out of Harwich and Felixstowe to Rotterdam every day, with another 2 big ro-pax ferries also making the crossing. The…

DFDS Suecia Seaways sails for Rotterdam, 22 May 2019

DFDS freight ro-ro Suecia Seaways heads out into the North Sea on her way to Rotterdam, on the breezy but bright morning of 22 May 2019. You can enjoy the…

DFDS Suecia Seaways sails, windy morning of 15 March 2019

Although Roro ferries are among the most maneuverable ships, DFDS Suecia Seaways engaged a tug to assist her from her ramp on the windy morning of Friday, 15 March 2019

Port of Felixstowe & DFDS Ferries sign new 15-year deal; 21 January 2019

Good news for Felixstowe as they sign new deal with DFDS and install new ferry linkspan.

DFDS Britannia Seaways sails 30 Aug 18

DFDS 2000-built freight ro-ro ferry Britannia Seawways leaves the berth and heads out for Vlaadingen basin, just outside Rotterdam, on the morning of 30 August 2018.

Ferry DFDS Gardenia Seaways requires 2 tugs, 8 August 2018

Looking as if she may be suffering mechanical or technical problems, Ro-Ro ferry DFDS Gardenia Seaways employs 2 tugs to enter harbour and to berth at Felixstowe on the evening…

Port of Felixstowe update – 31 July 2018:

New Shipping TV video: Latest summary of what news and information we’re getting from the Port of Felixstowe, its employees, customers, hauliers, and all the people who have been suffering…

DFDS Gardenia Seaways sails for Vlaadingen, 27 July 2018

2017-built ro-ro ferry Gardenia Seaways heads away from Felixstowe towards Vlaadingen, Rotterdam on the bright morning of 27 July 2018.

Feeder Beate sailing for Teesport, 5 June 2018

The 868 TEU feeder Beate heads off towards Teesport after calling at Felixstowe – she’s seen here in Harwich Approach Channel on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday rush-hour: MSC Antigua arrives, 2 ferries sail, 17 April 2018.

At around 8am on the morning of Tuesday 17 April, MSC Antigua arrives at Felixstowe as Stena Forerunner and DFDS Britannia Seaways are sailing:

Classic Shipping TV – North Sea ro-ro, part 5; back to the UK

Classic Shipping TV video: part 5 of Shipping TV’s 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro, arriving back at Felixstowe, where we have a close encounter with a massive Maersk Triple-E container…

Classic Shipping TV – North Sea ro-ro, part 4

New Classic Shipping TV video: part 4 of Shipping TV’s 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro, sailing home from Rotterdam aboard DFDS Selandia Seaways – slowly out of the Vulcaanhaven basin…

Classic Shipping TV: North Sea Ro-ro part 3.

Part 3 of Shipping TV’s 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro, as we complete the North Sea crossing and head up the New Waterway towards the Vulcaanhaven basin at Vlaadingen, where…

Classic Shipping TV: North Sea Ferry, part 2

Classic Shipping TV video: part 2 of Shipping TV’s 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro, as we sail across a quiet North Sea aboard DFDS ro-ro ferry Suecia Seaway, meeting the…

STV Classic: North Sea Ferry, part 1: Felixstowe outbound

Classic Shipping TV video: part 1 of Shipping TV’s 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro, filmed aboard DFDS Seaways freight ferries Suecia Seaways and Sealandia Seaways, working between Felixstowe and Vlaardingen,…

Friday rush hour – 3 ships in a few moments; 23 Feb 2018

Friday morning rush hour, featuring Stena Forerunner, DFDS Suecia Seaways, and MSC Kalina on the morning of 23 February 2018; Suecia Seaways holds back to let Stena Forerunner pass, and…

Suecia Seaways arrives at dusk, 14 Dec 17

DFDS Suecia Seaways arrives on her regular run from Vlaardingen at dusk on 14 December, 2017. Experience a round trip between Felixstowe and Vlaardingen aboard this class of ship: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGpLOh2lZwxvd_djhCv0pd3Oryb9dhNvC

Gardenia Seaways and Cardiff cross at Harwich, 1 Nov 2017

DFDS latest freight RoRo Gardenia Seaways and container ship Cape Tainaro cross in Harwich Harbour, 1st November, 2017.

STV Ferry Week: DFDS Calais Seaways arrives at Calais, 3 Oct 2017

Built in 1991 and with several name changes since, Calais Seaways enters the Port of Calais and heads for the ramp on Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017. Her previous names have…

STV Ferry Week: Sailing from Dover + Calais passing traffic, 2 October 2017

Filmed with a hand-held camera aboard the Spirit of Britain, leaving the Port of Dover, and then seeing passing ferry traffic as we make the approach in towards Calais on…

STV Ferry Week: European Seaway sailing from Calais, 3 October 17

P&O freight ferry European Seaway sailing from Calais on the breezy morning of Tuesday, 3rd October 2017: