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From Japan: CAPE NABIL

Container ship CAPE NABIL passing through the Kanmon Straits (関門海峡 Kanmon-kaikyō) or the Straits of Shimonoseki, which is the stretch of water separating two of Japan’s four main islands. Filmed…

Cosco Denali sails, 25 March 2019

2018-built container ship Cosco Shipping Denali sails from Felixstowe on the bright and breezy morning of Monday 25 March, 2019.

Valentines Day box crash for Svendborg Maersk

Maersk lines Svendborg Maersk, a 91,560 Gross Ton container ship loading up to 8680 TEU, and built in 1998, lost an undisclosed number of containers overboard, and suffered a small…

Cosco Nagoya loses 79 boxes overboard

Sailing from Rotterdam to New York, Cosco Nagoya lost 79 containers overboard on 23rd December, 2013.