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China Shipping Azalea arrives before the storm, 14 January 2020

With winds of around 40+ knots expected in the afternoon, China Shipping Azalea took the opportunity of arriving just after noon, employing 3 tugs to ensure a safe swing and…

CSCL Saturn sails at dawn, 8 January 2020

366 metre ultra large container ship CSCL Saturn sails from Felixstowe, just before dawn on Wednesday 8 January 2020. This video includes some colour night vision footage. If you enjoy…

CSCL Saturn approaches Beach End turn, 6 January 2019

Under a dark winter sky, 2011-built container ship CSCL Saturn steams towards Felixstowe’s Beach End turn, employing 3 tugs in windy conditions.

Ultra Large Cosco Shipping Galaxy sails from Felixstowe, 17 August 2019

Now on her second rotation around Northern European ports, Cosco Shipping Galaxy clears berth 9 at Felixstowe, and heads out towards the North Sea and Zeebrugge, her next port.

Slow TV: CSCL Pacific Ocean approaches the berth; 27 June 2019

Most video clips abbreviate the action, but in this film, we follow the whole sequence of events in real time as the 400m CSCL Pacific Ocean approaches the berth at…

Stacked-up: CSCL Pacific Ocean arrives at Felixstowe, 27 June 2019

2014-built Ultra Large Container Ship CSCL Pacific Ocean arrives at the UK port of Felixstowe,, on the sunny but windy morning of 27 June, 2019.

CSCL Neptune sails 31 May 2019, part 2: Getting under way.

After clearing the berth after her first call at Felixstowe (see part 1), CSCL Neptune goes ahead and drops of both her bow and stern tugs as she leave the…

CSCL Neptune sails, 31 May 2019: part 1 – Off the Berth

After completing cargo operations on her first call here, CSCL Neptune clears berth 9 with the assistance of 2 Svitzer tugs, on the morning of 31 May, 2019

CSCL Neptune, first call at Felixstowe, 29 May 2019

2012-built container ship CSCL Neptune arrives for her first call at the Port of Felixstowe on the evening of 29 May 2019.

CSCL Arctic Ocean sails with a fresh breeze, 6 March 2019

With a fresh SSW breeze blowing across Harwich Harbour, Ultra Large Container Ship CSCL Arctic Ocean requires requires 3 tugs to lift her off Felixstowe’s berth 8: at Felixstowe on…

30 knot winds mean 4 tugs for CSCL Pacific Ocean, 27 January 2018

With winds gusting to around 30 knots, and high container stacks generating massive windage, container ship CSCL Pacific Ocean required 4 tugs to lift her away from the quay at…

Ultra Large CSCL Atlantic Ocean sails 4 July – but back soon!

Latest victim of the Felixstowe fiasco, Ultra Large Container Ship CSCL Atlantic Ocean sails from Felixstowe – but only as far as the Sunk anchorage, where she’ll await a call…

Maiden Call: Cosco Shipping Himalayas at Felixstowe, 11 Sept 2017

The 2017 built China Shipping Himalayas makes her maiden call at Felixstowe on the very breezy morning of Monday, 11th September 2017

Zhen Hua 25 comes alongside at Felixstowe, 15th Sept 2015, part 2

Part 2 of our special feature video about specialist heavy lift vessel Zhen Hua 25, as she comes alongside the berth on Tuesday 15th September 2015:

Aboard the mighty CSCL Globe at Felixstowe:

Shipping TV’s editor, Chris Gosling, felt privileged to be allowed on the bridge of the world’s largest container ship, CSCL Globe, shortly after she berthed at the Port of Felixstowe….

World’s biggest container ship CSCL Globe maiden call:

World’s biggest container ship coming alongside at the Port of Felixstowe – CSCL Globe’s maiden call at Felixstowe, 7th January, 2014. Filmed from the quayside.

Shipspotters Sunday Special 28: 1 out, 1 in

Xin Ya Zhou outbound and MSC Genova inbound on Friday, 10th May, 2013 . . on a breezy afternoon.