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Coral Leader passes Battery Point, Portishead, 19 March 2019

Vehicle carrier Coral Leader passes Battery Point at Portishead, on the Severn Estuary, on her way to enter the Royal Portbury Dock.

Vehicle carrier Don Carlos arrives for Portbury, 18 October 2018

The 1997-built vehicle carrier Don Carlos passes Battery Point at Portishead, on her way to Royal Portbury Dock.

Verity arrives Avonmouth,18 October 2018

Bristol Channel: General cargo vessel Verity passes Battery Point at Portishead, heading towords Avonmouth dock.

MCS Ailsa heads towards Avonmouth, 4 April 2018

From the Bristol Channel, as utility vessel MCS Ailsa heads towards Avonmouth Docks, morning of 4 April 2018.

Felixstowe wins approval for quay extension

The port of Felixstowe has just won MMO approval for its planned quay extension, intended to allow berths 8 & 9 to accommodate 2 of the largest ships at the…