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2 Historic Trading Barges, 27 June 17

Coastal and river traffic was a vital part of commerce in the past, and Humber trading barges like Waterdog, built in 1876, and Thames Sailing Barge Repertor, built in 1924,…

Pin Mill Barge Match, 27 June 2015 – start and finish

Here’s a quick clip of the bowsprit and staysail class starts in the 2015 Pin Mill Barge Match, sailed on 27th June 2015, and of the first barge home, Edme,…

A Year Afloat with Victor: part 10: getting the gear up!

Its the key moment in the sailing year as the Skipper and crew members get winding on the winch, and Victor’s mast goes up!

Morgan Reinauer inbound, USA

From our favourite USA based film-maker, Meow Man, here’s tug Morgan Reinauer westbound in Long Island Sound with the barge RTC 101 Light

Sailing Barges on the River Orwell . .

Sailing Barge Victor under staysail and topsail, ghosting up the Orwell on the flood on Sunday, 16th June 2013. Later she is overtaken by SB Centaur, under engine.