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Smoky ARKLOW FUTURE sailing up the River Orwell towards Ipswich 23/1/20

A slightly smoky Arklow Future heads up the River Orwell on an overcast but very calm Thursday afternoon on her way to berth at the ABP port of Ipswich. Filmed…

Arklow Fame heading for Ipswich, 9 Jan 2018

General cargo vessel Arklow Fame heads towards the ABP Port of Ipswich on the misty afternoon of 9 January 2018:

ARKLOW RESOLVE arriving at ABP Lowestoft, 8 September 2016

90m length Arklow Resolve arriving at Lowestoft and heading through the narrow bridge channel and then swinging to berth at the silo quay on the northern side of the river.

Arklow Flair departing Lowestoft for Rotterdam 22/7/16.

89.95m x 14.4m Arklow Flair heading through the open road bridge at Lowestoft and along the narrow bridge channel to the open sea and then onto Rotterdam.

ABP Ipswich hit new stone shipment record; 25th March 2015

ABP’s Port of Ipswich reached a new tonnage record when Arklow Bay deliver stone from Belfast to Lafarge Tarmac’s asphalt plant on the quay.