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Arklow Falcon sailing light from Ipswich, 24 May 2019

The 2010-built general cargo vessel Arklow Falcon, sailing light, leaves Ipswich and the River Orwell and enters Harwich Harbour, heading for her next port, Invergordon, and passing her much bigger…

89.9m length ARKLOW FORTUNE heading into the Port of Ipswich 14/12/18

On an overcast and cold Friday afternoon the general cargo vessel Arklow Fortune heads up the River Orwell,sails under the Orwell Bridge and arrives at the ABP port of Ipswich.

Sisters Arklow Ruler & Arklow Forest sail together from Ipswich, 6 September 2018

Near-twins Arklow Ruler and Arklow Forest sail at the same time, around 5pm, from the ABP Port of Ipswich on Thursday 6 September. Although the 2 ships were built 5…