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Up Close: Suntis berths at Ipswich, 10 November 2019

A look at the Port of Ipswich’s wet dock, including temporary resident Noah’s Ark, but concentrating on the last of the wet dock’s regular callers, general cargo vessel Suntis –…

Coaster RACHEL passing through Harwich Harbour for Ipswich 31/8/19

99.8m length coaster Rachel arrives in Harwich Harbour heading for the ABP port of Ipswich.

Coaster ALIZEE passing through Harwich Harbour heading for Ipswich 15/8/19

On a breezy Thursday morning the 88.3m length coaster Elizee arrives in Harwich Harbour on her way up to the ABP port of Ipswich.

RMS Duisburg leaves the Orwell, 29 March 2019

With a low sun reflecting on her hull plating, general cargo ship RMS Duisburg leaves the River Orwell after making her call at Ipswich, heading for Rotterdam.

MAPLE LIV – General cargo ship arriving at ABP Port of Ipswich, 21/11/18

138m general cargo vessel Maple Liv heads up the River Orwell and sails under the Orwell Bridge and with the assistance of tug Gray Salvor she berths at no.1 shed…

EGE BEY – General cargo vessel heading for port of Ipswich 25/9/18

130m length Ege Bey sails up the River Orwell,under the Orwell Bridge and into the ABP port of Ipswich.

Sisters Arklow Ruler & Arklow Forest sail together from Ipswich, 6 September 2018

Near-twins Arklow Ruler and Arklow Forest sail at the same time, around 5pm, from the ABP Port of Ipswich on Thursday 6 September. Although the 2 ships were built 5…

Bulk carrier STAR II departs ABP Port of Ipswich 3/9/18

At around 06;30 the 152m length bulk carrier STAR II moves off her berth at Ipswich with the assistance of tugs Gray Test and Gray Salvor and heads off down…

General cargo ship Beaumonde heads for ipswich, 23 August 2018

Beaumonde hustles through Harwich Harbour on her way to Ipswich, 9 miles up the River Orwell, afternoon of 23 August.

Bulk carrier STAR II passing through Harwich Harbour heading for Ipswich 25/8/18

152m length STAR II heads through Harwich Harbour on her way up to the port of Ipswich, making her one of the longest vessels to call at the port.

UKD Orca sailing from River Orwell, 12th May 2015

UK Dredging Orca sailing from River Orwell after completing Port of Ipswich dredging work: 12th May 2015:

ABP Ipswich hit new stone shipment record; 25th March 2015

ABP’s Port of Ipswich reached a new tonnage record when Arklow Bay deliver stone from Belfast to Lafarge Tarmac’s asphalt plant on the quay.

Alongside at ABP Ipswich, 14th January 2015

Returning from an outing on Sailing Barge Victor, we passed along the Port of Ipswich’s Cliff Quay, catching selection of vessels working cargo on Sunday afternoon. . .