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Smoky ARKLOW FUTURE sailing up the River Orwell towards Ipswich 23/1/20

A slightly smoky Arklow Future heads up the River Orwell on an overcast but very calm Thursday afternoon on her way to berth at the ABP port of Ipswich. Filmed…

Wilson Odra, part 1: Just passing through; 17 February 2019

General cargo vessel Wilson Odra passing through Harwich Harbour on her way to Ipswich, on the morning of Sunday, 17 Feb 2019. She has an elevating wheelhouse, to improve her…

ARKLOW RESOLVE arriving at ABP Lowestoft, 8 September 2016

90m length Arklow Resolve arriving at Lowestoft and heading through the narrow bridge channel and then swinging to berth at the silo quay on the northern side of the river.

Lowestoft inner harbour bridge lift, 16th June, 2016

The bridge lifting at the Port of Lowestoft, to pass two small vessels, 16th May 2016.

Suntis arriving and berthing at Ipswich, 27 Mar 2016

Short sea trader Suntis arriving at the entrance to Harwich on the breezy morning of 27 March 2016, and berthing along at ABP’s Ipswich Wet Dock:

ABP buys Multidocker handler for South Wales ports:

Associated British Ports have just spent in excess of £600,000 buying a new swedish-designed multidocker materials handler which will work across their South Wales ports.

UKD Marlin working at Ipswich, 27 April 2014

UKD Marlin steaming up the Orwell and deploying suction dredging gear; heading downstream full laden.