Panama Canal Expansion – November 2013 update:

The latest video made by the Panama Canal, showing their latest progress in the construction process . .

Protesters fight UK’s cruel sea trade in live animals

Months after the UK’s only live animal export route shifted to Dover, protesters are still working to try and get this cruel trade stopped . .

Alongside at Felixstowe, Sunday 10th November, 2013

Maersk Kithira, Maersk Salina, Hanjin Baltimore, Maersk Bentonville and MSC Bettina alongside at the Port of Felixstowe, Sunday 10th November, 2013.

Maersk Eubank 1st call at Felixstowe, 8th November 2013

Maersk Eubank inbound on her 1st call at Felixstowe; Arklow Faith heading towards Ipswich, Hanse Vision inbound, and Noura M outbound from Ipswich. Noura M is missing from the onscreen…

DP World London Gateway opens with MOL Caledon alongside

After years of planning, and years of hard work, DP World’s new London Gateway container port berth No 1 officially opened for traffic this morning.

DP World Southampton marks first of 3 newly-won services

On the 5th November 2013, DP World’s Southampton terminal welcomed Kobe Express, the first ship of the first of 3 weekly transatlantic services newly-won from Thamesport.

HPUK’s Thamesport likely to hit the buffers soon . .

With the loss of London Thamesports only remaining deepsea service, there are big questionmarks over the port’s future in difficult times . .

Kiel Canal reopened after Siderfly moved

Here’s an interesting short film by Dieter Kobrock, showing the damaged vessel Siderfly now anchored to the bank of the Kiel Canal and awaiting recovery.

New Thames estuary pilot launches Ramsgate:

Estuary Services Ltd, who provide pilotage for the Thames, Medway and Ramsgate, officially named 2 £1 million pilot launches today at Ramsgate Harbour – includes underway footage.

Dutch tug operator Kotug sets up on the Thames

With a period of growth expected on the Thames as London Gateway approaches opening, and Thames Oil Port gets closer to operation, Dutch tug operator Kotug has started work on…

4 tugs to bring in Thalassa Hellas on 1st call

Svitzer’s entire Felixstowe fleet of tugs turned out to bring Evergreen Line’s first 13,806 TEU container ship, Thalassa Hellas, for her 1st Felixstowe call on the blowy morning of 27th…

Maersk Taurus outbound Felixstowe, 26th Oct 2013

Maersk Taurus outbound from Felixstowe, on the breezy morning of 26th October, 2013. Heading towards Suez and Singapore.

P3 Alliance member announces first plans

P3 Alliance member MSC has announced the first service plans from the new alliance, which includes Maersk, MSC and CMA-CGM, the world’s 3 largest shipping lines:

Majestic Maersk outbound from Felixstowe, 7th October 2013

After an ad-hoc call to collect around 2,000 empty boxes, Majestic Maersk sets off on the return leg of her first Asia-Europe-Asia rotation, in what we hope will be a…

World’s largest container ship reaches UK port

Majestic Maersk, the second example of Maersk Lines Triple-E class of container vessels, made her first UK call at the Port of Felixstowe today, 7th October 2013.

Steve Pryce of DB Schenker says it’ll be an interesting year . .

Steve Pryce, Head of Business Analysis Logistics with DB Schenker, says the shipping and port industry is in for an exciting time . .

DB Schenker name new loco for new port:

Railfreight specialist DB Schenker named a new Type 66 locomotive for the new Port of London Gateway on the 1st of October in a small ceremony at the port.

More cranes for London Gateway

London Gateway, the brand new container port on the Thames Estuary, greeted its third batch of 3 ship-to-shore container cranes from Chinese manufacturer ZPMC. Shipping TV was there to see…

OPDR start new Bilbao – N Europe service

Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Rhederei (OPDR) and Feeder and Container Operator Team Lines are setting up a new domestic and feeder service between the ports of Bilbao, Felixstowe and Rotterdam. The new service…

Ever Libra berthing at Felixstowe, 22nd September

Ever Libra entering Felixstowe, swinging, and going astern to her trinity Terminal berth at Felixstowe, 22nd September, 2013.