Gateway wins 1st service from Felixstowe . .

HPUK’s port of Felixstowe has lost its first regular service to new competitor London Gateway, which has also claimed 2 new services – one from CSAV, and another from Hamburg…

Dover Seaways hits the wall, 9th November 2014

DFDS ferry Dover Seaways struck the outer harbour wall when leaving Dover on her 0800 sailing for Dunkerque, on Sunday, 9th November 2014. 4 people were taken to hospital, with…

Morgan Reinauer inbound, USA

From our favourite USA based film-maker, Meow Man, here’s tug Morgan Reinauer westbound in Long Island Sound with the barge RTC 101 Light

MV Liemba – still steaming, still working after 100 years . .

MV Liemba has been steaming around Lake Tanganyika for over a century – originally built in 1913, and having been scuttled in 1916, she was brought back into service as…

Fred Vloo’s Rotterdam Shipspotting, 1st Nov 2014

Fred Vloo’s latest shipspotting video from Rotterdam – as ever, a great selection filmed over a day, by top European shipping film-maker Fred Vloo.

Hand-powered Chain Ferry, Stratford-on-Avon

We’re on holiday, away from the shipping hustle and bustle of the Port of Felixstowe – but even in the heart of England, we can’t escape some form of really…

Port of Felixstowe extension progresses . .

The Port of Felixstowe’s latest extension, a 190 metre finger quay on berth 9, is on target for completion in mid 2015.

London Gateway comes up towards 1st anniversary

London Gateway’s Xavier Woodward talks about the new port and how it has progressed during it’s first year in business . . .

Aboard Edith Maersk – and meeting her Captain

While she was alongside at London Gateway, we took the opportunity to go aboard Edith Maersk, and to meet her master, Captain Regin Hansen.

Timelapse: Edith Maersk at London Gateway . . .

A quick 1.42 timelapse movie of Edith Mearsk coming alongside and starting loading, from London Gateway’s specially positioned timelapse cameras . . . .

Edith Maersk – largest ship to sail up the Thames

On Sunday, 19th October 2014, the Edith Maersk, a 15,500 TEU E-Class Maersk Line container ship has become the largest ever vessel to sail up the River Thames, docking at…

Edith Maersk at Felixstowe, 18th October 2014

The 15,500 TEU Emma Maersk working boxes alongside at Felixstowe’s Trinity Terminal, on Saturday 18th October 2014.

Oasis of the Seas dry docking.

On 30 September 2014, the world’s largest and most innovative cruise ship, the 220,000 GT “Oasis of the Seas”, dry-docked at Keppel Verolme’s shipyard in Rotterdam for routine maintenance work.

Selandia Seaways and Stena Britannica sailing, 9th October 2014

DFDS Selandia Seaways sailing from Felixstowe, and Stena Britannica sailing from Harwich on the breezy morning of 9th October, 2014:

1st call: CSCL East China Sea, 9th October, 2014

China Shipping Line’s latest ship to reach our shores, making her first call at Felixstowe on the brisk and breezy morning of Thursday, 9th October, 2014:

Landmark London cranes moved downriver

The coal grab cranes at Battersea Power Station are going for restoration as the site is beginning a major development.

That sinking sensation . . .

Multiple camera shoot aboard the ferry Ærøsund, when she was sunk off Ballen Harbour, Denmark, to create an artificial reef for sea life and divers.

New & Old: PS Waverley (1947) & Thalassa Doxa (2014) at Felixstowe

The 1947-built Paddle Steamer Waverley sailing from Tower Pier from Harwich, as the brand new Thalassa Doxa makes her first and maiden call at the Port of Felixstowe – 5th…

Live animal exports – sad trade at dying port

The near-derelict port of Ramsgate in Kent is the last port in the UK to service a trade in live animal exports to Europe – where the worn-out aged sheep…

Sofrana Surville: 33 day rotation in 14 minutes

A container ship’s entire 33-day South Pacific round voyage through New Zealand, Australia, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, shot in time-lapse and condensed to 14 minutes.

Pilotage: Early morning passage through Glasgow

We’re aboard bulker CSL Thames with Clyde pilot Gillan Locke for a night pilotage through the River Clyde and Firth of Clyde Channel, outbound from Shieldhall Riverside Quay at King…