Arklow Falcon arriving Ipswich, 6 December 2014

The 2,998 GT Arklow Falcon, passing under the Orwell Bridge as she arrives at Ipswich on 6th December, 2014

Felixstowe extension work + larger ships due soon . .

Main piling is now complete on the new Felixstowe finger quay, while larger ships are starting to put the pressure on UK ports . . .

London Gateway timelapse . .

Here’s the latest timelapse movie from DP World London Gateway . . .

ABP buys Multidocker handler for South Wales ports:

Associated British Ports have just spent in excess of £600,000 buying a new swedish-designed multidocker materials handler which will work across their South Wales ports.

Thalassa Tyhi arriving Felixstowe, 30th November 2014

The 13,800 TEU Thalassa Tyhi arriving at the Port of Felixstowe on Sunday, 30th November, 2014.

SB Victor motoring home and berthing at Ipswich, 30 November 2014

The 1895-built Sailing Barge Victor motoring up to Ipswich and berthing in the wet dock at Ipswich, on the afternoon of 30th November, 2014 Skipper Wes Westwood;

Ships on the Kiel-Canal at Rendsburg, October 2013.

A videa captured from a hotel room window, at Rendsburg . . made by efbeVideo. I’d like the room number, please!

HMS Quorn comes alongside visiting Ipswich

The ABP Port of Ipswich welcomed HMS Quorn, a Hunt class minesweeper, as she came alongside on the 27th November. The ship and her crew have been granted the freedom…

CMA-CGM takes over OPDR feeder line; 27 November 2014

The world’s 3rd largest container line, CMA-CGM, have taken over feeder line OPDR . .

Day in the Life: tugboat working Houston Ship Channel

A really great video from Nick Payne recording a day in the life of Z-driving on the Houston Ship Channel . .

Svitzer Sines operations . . .

Maersk-owned Svitzer operate around 430 tugs in ports around the world – and here’s a movie giving a flavour of their work at the Port of Sines, Portugal.

MSC Cordoba outbound, MSC inbound at Felixstowe, 21 November 2014

MSC Cordoba outbound, MSC Ilona inbound at Felixstowe, on the morning of 21st November, 2014, with other traffic.

Stena Germanica converts to green methanol fuel . . .

Stena Line is taking Stena Germanica out of service for 6 weeks in early January for conversion to clean and green methanol fuel.

Tugs: Centre Lead Forward Manoeuvre, from Svitzer Australia

Tug operations don’t often get the attention they deserve – tugs are often at some degree of risk when working with larger vessels, sometimes depending upon what equipment the tow…

Maersk Enfield, 1st call, 18th November, 2014

Maersk Enfield, previously CMA CGM Enfield, makes her first call at the Port of Felixstowe, entering the harbour at around 8am on the morning of 18th November 2014.

Emission control will hit shippers’ wallets – pt 1

On January 1st, 2015, ships will have to reduce their emissions in the new North American and North European Emission Control Areas . . will it be a game-changer?

Pilot’s-eye view: into Felixstowe aboard MSC Benedetta

Join pilot David Thurston aboard MSC Benedetta as she comes into Felixstowe, swings and comes alongside at Berths 8/9. Filmed 2nd November, 2014.

Shanghai roll spills boxes:

A small containership alongside at Shanghai lost around 30 containers overboard after the ships rolled for no apparent reason. The port’s surveillance video shows the incident happened on Wednesday morning,…

ABP Southampton completes £40M dredge

ABP’s Port of Southampton has now completed a £40M dredge programme which will allow the world’s largest ships to access the Southampton Container Terminal with a draught of 15.5 metres.