Morten Maersk maiden call, 1st call at Felixstowe 8th January 2014

While all of the fanfares were going on for the CSCL Globe on her maiden call at Felixstowe, Morten Maersk came into Felixstowe on her maiden call, too, with no…

From the bridge: Maersk Edison working cargo on 1st call, 6th January 2015

Unusual views from the bridge of Maersk Edison as she works boxes on her first call at the Port of Felixstowe, 6th January, 2014.

MyFerrylink faces more rough seas . . 10 January, 2014

MyFerrylink faces more rough seas as owner Eurotunnel is ordered to sell or close ferry operation within 6 months. Background video is ferries entering and leaving Dover during rough weather,…

CSCL Globe sailing from Felixstowe, 9 January, 2015

19,100 TEU CSCL Globe sailing from Felixstowe after her maiden call, heading for Hamburg . .

Christmas & New Year at sea on an ERRV, 2014

Join the Captain and crew aboard an ERRV in the northern North Sea as they celebrate Christmas 2014 and the New Year . .

Aboard the mighty CSCL Globe at Felixstowe:

Shipping TV’s editor, Chris Gosling, felt privileged to be allowed on the bridge of the world’s largest container ship, CSCL Globe, shortly after she berthed at the Port of Felixstowe….

World’s biggest container ship CSCL Globe maiden call:

World’s biggest container ship coming alongside at the Port of Felixstowe – CSCL Globe’s maiden call at Felixstowe, 7th January, 2014. Filmed from the quayside.

A month at sea, Christmas & New Year Special 2014

Join the Captain and crew at sea from a month of ERRV duty – aboard their Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel, standing by rigs in the Northern North Sea. It…

Hoegh Osaka – watch as she went aground:

AIS technology firm SRT Marine Technology was able to recreate the actual movements of the Höegh Osaka as she departed Southampton and eventually beached herself on Brambles Bank utilizing their…

Hoegh Osaka grounding – UK Maritime Pilots statement

Captain Don Cockrill, Chairman of the UK Maritime Pilots Association released this statement about the Hoegh Osaka grounding: Maritime pilotage is the core profession within UK ports and coastal waters…

Aerial footage of Hoegh Osaka aground . .

An interesting aerial view of Hoegh Osaka, as she lays aground:

Condor Ferries new High Speed Craft arrives in the UK

Condor Ferries new Condor 102 ferry, an Austal 102 metre trimaran, arrived in the UK on 26th Deecember, 2014. She’ll enter service towards the end of March 2015.

What did you do at Christmas, Daddy?

All over the world on Christmas Day, seamen were working as usual, away from family, friends and their communities at home . . filmed aboard an ERRV Emergency Response and…

Patriot arrives alongside at Gt Yarmouth

Short-sea trader Patriot enters harbour and comes alongside at Great Yarmouth on the 16th December, 2014.

Highland Dukes sailing from Gt Yarmouth, astern, 17 Dec 2014

For highly manoeuvrable ships like Platform Supply Vessel Highland Duke, rounding Brush Bend is no problem – and she handles as well astern as ahead . . .

Aboard MSC New York as she loads . . 15 December 2014

Very unusual sequence of stills taken aboard MSC New York as she loads at Felixstowe, overnight on the 14/15th December, 2014.

Thalassa Doxa entering Felixstowe 14th December, 2014

Thalassa Doxa sailing into Felixstowe on the breezy but sunny morning of Sunday, 14th December, 2014:

Austal hull 270 becomes Condor fast ferry for 2015

Austal’s high speed ropax ferry hull number 270 has been bought by Condor Ferries, who will be operating her between the UK, the Channel Island and Europe. She’ll be sailing…

New Port of Felixstowe Logistics Park; 10th December 2014

HPUK’s Port of Felixstowe has just announced that they are developing a massive Logistics Park just 100m from the Port’s newest berth complex. See the site, meet developer Simon Jenkins…

MSC New York, 1st call, maiden call, 7th December 2014

MSC’s newest and largest container ship, the 15,908 TEU MSC New York, made her 1st and maiden call last night at Felixstowe: