Shipping TV is owned and operated by Serious Leisure TV, a small video production company with a history of making long-running satellite channel programmes, and successful video web sites.

We carry Google advertising on our pages to help defray operating and production expenses, and make almost all of the channels original content. But we also show some items made by individual video makers. These talented people retain absolute rights in their video – we only embed material uploaded on the standard YouTube licence, which permits embedding in sites like this. All showings on this site via the standard Youtube embedding technique are counted by YouTube towards the video owner’s count total.

Advertising actually attached to the videos themselves belongs to and benefits the YouTube owners.


The cost of production of Shipping TV exceeds its income per month – if you, your company or organisation could manage to make a small donation or a regular small donation, it could really help.

Here’s the button:

To contact us, please email “production at seriousleisure.co.uk”, changing “at” for “@” and removing spacing.