Oddly-named container ship “MP The Brady” with a retrofit scrubber; 12 March 2020

On the breezy morning of Thursday, 12 March, the unusually-named MP The Brady sails in and collects her tugs to berth at Felixstowe 4.

Just aft of the bridge, she carries a retrofit scrubber, although it isn’t clear what kind it is.

According to a source there are 4 similarly named vessels:

MP the Brady (ex ANL Woomera ) MP the Gronk ( ex Juliette Rickmers) MP the Edelman ( ex ANL Werribee) MP the Belichick ( ex unknown yet )

All are named after 2017 Super Bowl winners the New England Patriots Where Brady is the quarterback, Edelman the wide receiver, Gronkowski the tight end, and Belichick is the coach.

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