Ultra Large OOCL Japan cuts and runs at dawn, 8 Feb 2019

The 21,413 TEU Ultra Large Container Ship OOCL Japan leaves Felixstowe in a “cut and run” – when the ship sails before all cargo operations have been completed. Cargo due to be unloaded is left aboard, and boxes due to be loaded are left on the quay.
In this instance, as well as only being alongside for about 30 hours, OOCL Japan lost a good deal of working time when Felixstowe’s Ship-to-shore cranes came to a halt due to high winds during Thursday, 7 February.
“Cut and Run” departures generate considerable difficulties for many people in the shipping industry. The boxes due for this port are usually unloaded in the next port, and have to be brought back by feeder ship; transport booked to carry boxes to their inland destinations is cancelled, and shippers and forwarding companies have to explain to customers what has gone wrong!