Felixstowe says: “New Terminal Operating System continues to stabilise”

The Port of Felixstowe published this latest update on the 17th July, 2018:

“The performance of the new Terminal Operating System continues to stabilise. A number of issues, including inaccurate data about the position of some containers in the yard, have been successfully resolved. The new empty yard behind Berths 8&9 opened as scheduled on 14 July.

Nearly 70,000 TEU were handled across the quay in the last week. Productivity was at 80% of pre go-live levels. Over 12,100 containers were handled by rail, of which close to 5,500 were imports loaded to inbound trains and 23,500 road hauliers serviced during the week.

In the early part of last week we continued to suffer from a significant number of rail misses. However, the number has reduced following the introduction of new yard procedures on Thursday and the latest system upgrade on Saturday. Although we anticipate that there will still be rail misses for a period, the volume of misses will be more manageable and we will continue to identify further opportunities to improve service delivery.

On Saturday 14th July, the latest major system upgrade was implemented. This important upgrade is designed to reduce the amount of shuffling in the yard, thereby increasing the productivity of loading vessels and trains. We expect further benefits of this upgrade to be seen in the coming week.

The ongoing support of our customers during this difficult period is greatly appreciated. We are continuing to work closely with our shipping line customers to minimise disruption and we apologise to any port users who are continuing to experience delays and inconvenience. We remain fully focused on rectifying this situation as soon as possible.”