4 tugs to move YM Wonderous off the quay in 30-35 knot breeze, 29 June 2016

Reporter Dean Cable says: Strong gusty winds made the departure of YM Wondrous challenging. The winds picked up to a near gale so the pilot ordered the 4th tug as the wind was pushing against her the quay. As she came off the berth the bow struggled even with 2 tugs pulling at full power and the bow thrusters working, As she got around 80 metres away from the quay the wind, still causing problems, was slowing the process of coming away from the berth, so a decision by the pilot was to release the Svitzer Stanford from the starboard quarter and go around to the portside and push the bow out into the channel. As YM Wondrous got some headway the forward tugs were released. Svitzer Sky sat along the port quarter also the Svitzer Deben was kept on the centre lead aft just in case there was a problem going around the Beach end out of the harbour.

Filmed by Dean Cable