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Felixstowe says: “New Terminal Operating System continues to stabilise”

The Port of Felixstowe published this latest update on the 17th July, 2018: “The performance of the new Terminal Operating System continues to stabilise. A number of issues, including inaccurate…

Ultra Large OOCL United Kingdom sails, 16 July 2018

Ultra Large Container Ship OOCL United Kingdom sails from Felixstowe for the Far East, just after noon on 16 July 2018

Update from Felixstowe, 16 July

Another update from the mighty Port of Felixstowe . . . there are some fascinating rumblings out there . . .

Ro-Ro ML Freyja sails for Cuxhaven, 15 July 2018

Mann Line’s ML Freyja sails from Harwich towards Cuxhaven on the late afternoon of 15 July 2018. She passes through the Kiel Canal on her way to Baltic ports on…

OOCL Hong Kong cuts and runs,13 July 2018

It looks like a routine departure, but Ultra Large Container Ship OOCL Hong Kong is leaving cargo for Felixstowe in her stacks, and is leaving outbound boxes behind, as she…

Friday night cut and run – explained, + traffic update

A brief update from Felixstowe . . OOCL Hong Kong cuts and runs, and its time to mention the services that have gone elsewhere . . for the duration.

Ultra Large Indian Ocean sails, 6 July 2018

Ultra Large Container Ship CSCL Indian Ocean sails from the Port of Felixstowe on the bright afternoon of 6 July 2018. She is leaving before completing cargo operations to allow…

Ultra Large CSCL Atlantic Ocean sails 4 July – but back soon!

Latest victim of the Felixstowe fiasco, Ultra Large Container Ship CSCL Atlantic Ocean sails from Felixstowe – but only as far as the Sunk anchorage, where she’ll await a call…

BIFA slams Port of Felixstowe over massive terminal disruption; 2 July 2018

Shipping TV News video: Port of Felixstowe says no compensation for hauliers, freight forwarders . . but maybe for shipping lines . . is it a slap in the face…

Maersk Line vessels divert from and delay Felixstowe calls; 21 June 2018

New Shipping TV video: shipping giant Maersk Line diverts and delays vessels due to call at Felixstowe – and reveal the depth of their concerns about ongoing problems arising from…

Shipping line moves to Southampton as Felixstowe’s computer problems persist; 19 June 2018

New Shipping TV news video: Shipping Line Hamburg Sud has moved 2 services to Southampton for 5 weeks to escape Felixstowe’s ongoing problems with its new Terminal Operating System, while…

Stena Forerunner heading for Rotterdam, 17 May 2018

Looking smart in the morning sunshine, ferry Stena Forerunner passes through Harwich Harbour on her way towards Rotterdam, 17 May 2018:

Felixstowe gets remote control STS cranes; 10 April 2018

The latest pair of immense ship-to-shore cranes at Felixstowe will be remotely operated, says port:

Classic Shipping TV: North Sea Ferry, part 2

Classic Shipping TV video: part 2 of Shipping TV’s 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro, as we sail across a quiet North Sea aboard DFDS ro-ro ferry Suecia Seaway, meeting the…

HMM announces details of new AEX express service; 28 Feb 2018

Hyundai Merchant Marine have just announced more details of their AEX Asia-Europe Express service, including port calls and transit times, 28 February 2018:

Classic Shipping TV: aboard Mark Prior to London, part 1

Shipping TV Classic: part 1 of our four part series, sailing from Fingringhoe on the River Colne in Essex, up the River Thames to Deptford aboard the 1969-built Mark Prior,…

Dover goes bananas with Geest Line; 23 Jan 2018

Geest Line moves their Caribbean – Europe service from Portsmouth to Dover with bigger ships and more trade; filmed 23rd Jan 2018:

Work begins on Felixstowe berth 9 infill; 10 January 2018

A crane barge has now arrived at Felixstowe as work begins on the reclamation of 3.2 hectares of seabed, and the creation of 13 hectares of new container stacks.

Work starts on latest stage of expansion at the Port of Felixstowe; 14 Dec 2017

Preparatory work is beginning on the construction of approximately 13 hectares of paved container yard directly behind Berth 9. The work will include the reclamation of 3.2 hectares of seabed…

Port of Felixstowe Handles 1 million TEU by Rail; 13 December 2017

Hutchison Ports Port of Felixstowe has become the first port in the UK to handle over 1 million TEU by rail in a single year.

River Ferry: Reedham chain ferry, Norfolk UK, 19 October 2017

It isn’t exactly deep-sea, but it is a commercial vessel earning its living afloat – Reedham Ferry in the heart of rural Norfolk, UK. There’s been a ferry here since…