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DFDS Suecia Seaways sails, windy morning of 15 March 2019

Although Roro ferries are among the most maneuverable ships, DFDS Suecia Seaways engaged a tug to assist her from her ramp on the windy morning of Friday, 15 March 2019

Vehicles carrier VIKING AMBER arriving at Great Yarmouth 1/3/19

An unusual visitor arrives off the Great Yarmouth/Gorleston coast as vehicle carrier VIKING AMBER heads for the outer harbour.With the assistance of. Lowestoft tug EMS BOXER and visiting tug VIKING…

Photos: Isle of Inishmore in drydock, 18 February 2019

A couple of excellent up-close pictures of the Ferry Isle of Inishmore in drydock on the Mersey, taken by David Oates: Photos copyright David Oates, 2019

Port of Felixstowe & DFDS Ferries sign new 15-year deal; 21 January 2019

Good news for Felixstowe as they sign new deal with DFDS and install new ferry linkspan.

Will Ramsgate finally get a Ferry? 4 January 2019

According to reports, Ramsgate is about to get a ferry to Ostend – and the operators also get a major pay-day if they can do it by 29 March, and…

4-ship morning: Stena Britannica heads for Rotterdam; 12 December 2018

North Sea ferry Stena Britannica turns into Harwich Harbour from the River Stour, and heads out – next stop, Hook of Holland.

4 -ship morning: Ro-Ro Somerset sails from Harwich, 12 December 2018

On the bright but cold morning of 12 December 2018, ro-ro freight ferry Somerset heads out into the North Sea.

Ro-ro Somerset sails from Harwich; 26 September 2018

Looking like she lives a hard life, ro-ro freight ferry Somerset heads off for Rotterdam on her run for Stena Line . . 26 September 2018:

DFDS Britannia Seaways sails 30 Aug 18

DFDS 2000-built freight ro-ro ferry Britannia Seawways leaves the berth and heads out for Vlaadingen basin, just outside Rotterdam, on the morning of 30 August 2018.

Ro-Ro Misana sails for Rotterdam, 30 August 2018

Cargo Ro-Ro Misana sails from Harwich International Port heading towards Rotterdam. She seems like a relatively small ship for this route, which has had a variety of ferries working it…

Ferry DFDS Gardenia Seaways requires 2 tugs, 8 August 2018

Looking as if she may be suffering mechanical or technical problems, Ro-Ro ferry DFDS Gardenia Seaways employs 2 tugs to enter harbour and to berth at Felixstowe on the evening…

Thalassa Pistis arrives at Felixstowe, 3 August 2018

Ferries DFDS Gardenia Seaways and Stena Forerunner hold position in the harbour as container ship Thalassa Pistis rounds Beach End turn, on the beautiful morning of 3 August, 2018:

DFDS Gardenia Seaways sails for Vlaadingen, 27 July 2018

2017-built ro-ro ferry Gardenia Seaways heads away from Felixstowe towards Vlaadingen, Rotterdam on the bright morning of 27 July 2018.

Harwich Harbour Rush Hour 26 July

A surprising busy morning at Harwich – as well as 2 container ships, which feature in their own clips, we see UKD Orca, Offshore service vessel Go Electra, ferry Stena…

Ro-Ro ML Freyja sails for Cuxhaven, 15 July 2018

Mann Line’s ML Freyja sails from Harwich towards Cuxhaven on the late afternoon of 15 July 2018. She passes through the Kiel Canal on her way to Baltic ports on…

Stena Scotia rounds the Guard, heads for Harwich, 29 June 2018

Stena Line ferry Stena Scotia rounds the Guard buoy and heads up the River Stour for Harwich International Port on the afternoon of 29 June, 2018.

Ferry Stena Scotia arrives for Harwich, 21 June 2018

North Sea ferry Stena Scotia arrives to pass through the harbour, heading for Parkeston Quay – or Harwich International Port, as we call it now . . late afternoon of…

Stena Britannica builds to service speed, 5 June 2018

Harwich – Hook ferry Stena Britannica rounds Beach end Turn, and builds her speed up to her cruising speed for the run – between 17 and 18 knots.

Stena Forerunner heading for Rotterdam, 17 May 2018

Looking smart in the morning sunshine, ferry Stena Forerunner passes through Harwich Harbour on her way towards Rotterdam, 17 May 2018:

Stena Gothica arrives Harwich, passing Skandi Constructor, 23 March 2018

Ferry Stena Gothica arrives at Harwich harbour from Rotterdam, passing Well Stimulation Vessel Skandi Constructor on her way in, 23 March 2018.

Classic Shipping TV – North Sea ro-ro, part 5; back to the UK

Classic Shipping TV video: part 5 of Shipping TV’s 2015 series, North Sea Ro-Ro, arriving back at Felixstowe, where we have a close encounter with a massive Maersk Triple-E container…