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Maiden Call: Maersk Herrera arrives at Felixstowe, 24 September, 2018

Maersk Line’s latest H class container ship, Maersk Herrera, arrives to make her maiden call at the Port of Felixstowe, late afternoon of Monday, 24 September, 2018:

Evelyn Maersk arrives from Colombo, 20 September 2018

Around 11 years old but still looking good, Evelyn Maersk arrives well loaded from Colombo, for the start of the Northern European leg of her rotation, on the breezy morning…

Triple-E Maren Maersk gathers way and departs; 20 September 2018

Triple-E Maren Maersk gathers way and sails from the Port of Felixstowe, on the breezy morning of Thursday, 20 September 2018.

CSCL Arctic Ocean arrives at Felixstowe, 21 September 2018

Arriving at Felixstowe, her final Northern European call on this rotation before returning to the far east, CSCL Arctic Ocean appears in Harwich Approach Channel mid-morning Friday 21 September 2018.

Maren Maersk sails: clearing the quay, 20 September 2018

Triple-E Maren Maersk clears the quay at Felixstowe with the aid of 4 Svitzer tugs on the windy morning of 20 September 2018:

Svitzer fleet out in force for Maren Maersk, 20 September 2018

With a strong SSW breeze blowing, Felixstowe’s whole fleet of four Svitzer tugs are turned out to lift Maren Maersk away from the quay at Felixstowe, 20 September 2018.

Seago Istanbul arrives at Felixstowe, 15 September 2018.

Just arriving from Haifa, Seago Istanbul arriving at Felixstowe, joined by Svitzer Kent and Svitzer Deben, beautiful morning of 15 September 2018

OOCL Japan in Harwich Approach Channel, 11 September 2018

Ultra Large OOCL Japan in Harwich Approach Channel on the afternoon of Tuesday 11 September 2018, with a fresh SSW breeze.

Felixstowe Update: MSC moves IPAK service from Felixstowe to Gateway; 8 September 2018

Despite the Port of Felixstowe’s claims that their TOS is working better, major shipping lines like MSC are still switching services to avoid delays to their customers . . .

MSC Portugal sails, morning of 6 September 2018

2008-built container ship MSC Portugal sails from the Port of Felixstowe around 7.30am on the morning of 6 September, 2018.

Maiden call: superfeeder Vayenga Maersk sailing, early morning 6 September, 2018

Brand new 3,596 TEU ice-class Vayenga Maersk sailing from the Port of Felixstowe after her maiden call, at 7am LT on 6 September 2018. She has a strengthened hull for…

Growing older but still looking good: Edith Maersk sails, 3 September 2018

Now around 11 years old, but looking smart with reasonably fresh paint in the autumn sunshine, first generation ULCS Edith Maersk heads oout from Felixstowe on 3 September 2018.

Felixstowe loses 2 more services, despite software “progress” claims, 1 September, 2018.

Felixstowe loses 2 more services, despite software “progress” claims: in the past few day, OOCL and CMA-CGM have switched services away from the port of Felixstowe due to software problems,…

Rio Bravo sails from Felixstowe, 1 September 2018

Hamburg Sud’s Rio Bravo heads for Antwerp, sailing from Felixstowe on the sunny morning of 1st September 2018.

Ultra Large Talos sails from Felixstowe, 29 August 2018

2016-built container ship Talos sailing from the Port of Felixstowe on the dismal morning of 29 August, 2018.

Talking Point: are ultra large container ships just a blip?

Pundit Andrew Wheeler says that the current crop of ultra large container ships may just be a blip, and that 10,000 to 15,000 TEU vessels may become the norm again…

Felixstowe Update as Levent service returns to port: 25 August 2018

As Rio Blanco arrives on 23 August, marking the return of the CMA-CGM, Seago Line and Hamburg Sud Levant service returning to Felixstowe, after a period at Southampton cause by…

Yacht crosses the bow of MSC Asya, 24 August 2018

Looked like an interesting moment for all concerned as a yacht crossed and re-crossed the bow of 336m MSC Asya as she was sailing from the Port of Felixstowe:

CSCL Pacific Ocean needs extra grunt, 19 August 2018

On the windy morning of 19 August 2018, ultra large container ship CSCL Pacific Ocean is struggling to clear her berth at Felixstowe with two tugs at the stern and…

News update: Felixstowe’s troubles continue, 16 August 2018

Despite the Port of Felixstowe’s assurances that everything is fine, shipping lines and hauliers are still not happy . . .

Kirsten-B sailing from Ipswich, 13 August 2018

General cargo vessel Kirsten-B under way down the Orwell, sailing from Ipswich towards Antwerp, passing her much bigger sisters alongside at Felixstowe, 13 August 2018.