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STV NEWSclips, 19 April 2019

2nd edition of our new ad-hoc news show – upcoming videos, new IOW ferry arrives at Southampton, new remote-control RTGs on the container park at Felixstowe.

3 ships passsing by, 27 March 2019: Speciality, APL Oregon, Arklow Fern

A busy 15 minutes at Harwich Harbour on the morning of 27 March, 2019, as chemical/oil tanker Speciality heads in for Harwich, container ship APL Oregon sails from Felixstowe, and…

Tanker CHEMICAL PROVIDER outbound from Harwich in windy conditions, 12/3/19

134m oil/chemical tanker Chemical Provider passing through Harwich Harbour outbound from Harwich in the windy and rough conditions, heading for Rotterdam.

Tanker ANTARES passing through Harwich Harbour 27/2/19

79m chemical/oil tanker Antares arrives at a misty Harwich Harbour on her way to berth at the port of Harwich.

Arklow Wave & Atlantic Mate pass, 27 January 2019

Arklow Wave, heading up the River Orwell for Ipswich, passes product tanker Atlantic Mate, which has just sailed from harwich, on the breezy morning of 27 January 2019.

Oil/chemical tanker ORALUNA heading for Port of Felixstowe 20/1/19

103m tanker Oraluna arrives at Harwich Harbour heading for the Port of Felixstowe and to berth on Trinity 2.

Tanker AMETHYST heads into ABP Port of ipswich 14/12/18

Chemical/oil products tanker Amythyst heads up the River Orwell,under the Orwell Bridge and arrives at the Port of Ipswich just behind Arklow Fortune. Filmed by Paul Hiett.

4-ship morning SC Chengdu sails from Harwich, 12 December 2018

On the busy morning of 12 December 2018, product tanker SC Chengdu sails from Harwich, bound for Teeside.

Patricia Essberger sails from Harwich, 25 October 2018

Oil and Chemical tanker Patricia Essberger sails from Harwich International port, on the bright morning of 25 October 2018:

Video: Kotug say drone tug hook-up will improve safety:

Revolutionary invention by KOTUG KOTUG first company to use drone technology for safer tug operations KOTUG has applied for a patent to use drone technology in its tug operations, in…

Video: Ted Ingham’s Shipping Highlights of 2017

A 10 minute video by the excellent Ted Ingham of shipping highlights he filmed through the lens of the Panasonic Lumix FZ 1000 from the shoreline and from his Colvic…

Nordic Inge sailing from Harwich International Port, 19 Nov 2017

2005-built chemical tanker Nordic Inge sails from HPUK’s Harwich International Port on the beautiful afternoon of 19th November 2017.

Oil/Chemical tanker Tina Theresa sailing from Harwich, 14 Oct 2017

The 2009-built oil/chemical tanker Tina Theresa sailing from Harwich International Port towards Immingham, 14th October 2017:

Tanker Chemical Mariner heading for Harwich, 10 October 2017

Oil/Chemical tanker Chemical Mariner heading for Harwich International Port on the morning of Tuesday, 10th October 2017:

Busy Monday at Felixstowe, part 2: CSCL Mars & APL Miami, 25 Sept 20172 25 Sept

Monday, 25 September – part 2 of a busy day at the port of Felixstowe,with CSCL Mars & APL Miami appearing from the mist. You can now become a patron…

SHINSUMIYOSHI MARU No.8 passing through Kanmon Strait, Japan.

The Sumiyoshi Oil Ltd. oil tanker SHINSUMIYOSHI MARU No.8 passing through the Kanmon Strait. Filmed by binmei jp

Tanker Turchese heading for Ghent, 26Jjune 2017

After completing her call at Ipswich, at the head of the River Orwell, oli and chemical tanker Turchese makes her way through Harwich Harbour on route to Ghent.

Tanker Nicos Tomasos passing Canvey, 31 March 2017.

Greek Tanker Nicos Tomasos heading upstream towards Purfleet, passing Canvey Island, Friday 31st March 2017.

MSC Melissa arrives at Felixstowe, 6 October 2016

2002-built container ship MSC Melissa arrives at the Port of Felixstowe, 6th October 2016.

Tanker Dream II collides ULCS MSC Alexandra in Singapore Strait

At about 23:01 hrs LT (15:01 UTC) on 3rd Aug 2016, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) was notified of a collision. VLCC (Very Large Crude Carrier) Dream II…

Sarnia Liberty arriving at Great Yarmouth 21/6/16

79.9m x 16m oil products tanker Sarnia Liberty arriving at Great Yarmouth. Filmed by Paul Hiett.